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Elias Playing on German Senior Men's NT Game August 15?

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    Bamberg Tourney

    I live ~90 minute drive from Bamberg. I will effort getting there for a first hand report.


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      Originally posted by BavarianZag View Post
      I live ~90 minute drive from Bamberg. I will effort getting there for a first hand report.
      Terrific! I trust you'll be in full Zag gear!
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        Just very briefly, as it is 1:30am here...

        Originally posted by ZagNative View Post
        Hopefully, gruebler will follow to this thread and help us navigate the language barrier and organization of the Eurobasket team sites.
        sure. sorry i didn't realize so far that you started a new thread.
        Question for Gruebler: Will the roster for the team going to Poland consist of these 15 players? Or will the travel team be smaller. (In other words, will Elias' arrival at Gonzaga be delayed? School starts the first of September.) I assume Nowitski and Kaman are definitely not going to be playing.
        Nowitzki is out. Kaman most likely is out. Perhaps C Patrick Femerling will join the team. At least he re-joined the NT for the upcoming days in Bamberg.

        As far as I understand a 12man roster will play in Poland.

        Also, do I understand correctly that "friendly" games like this one have no bearing on standing but are just practices?
        This is correct

        Do you know of any chance there might be for us to watch the game online? Will it be televised in Germany so we might be able to pick it up on Any way to track stats during the game?
        The supercup games in Bamberg will be televised by DSF ( I don't know whether any streams will be available. I posted a youtube link with some pictures from the 1st GER/SER-game in the other thread.

        A live score most likely will be available via The Jako Arena Bamberg is home of Brose Baskets Bamberg (where Dan Dickau, Elton Brown, Casey Jacobsen and others played) and I guess it will be easy to produce the necessary data.

        In short, do we fans need to do anything to prepare for the game beside lay in some beer and pretzels?
        Just make sure that you don't choke on the pretzels seeing the Germans getting spanked by the other teams...

        If you need any translations, feel free to send me a private message. Either here or just use the contact form provided on my blog.

        Harris made a very nice alley hoop in Saturday's game. And fans report that in Dessau on Sunday there was another one... you'll probably have a lot of fun watching him.

        @SloZAG. I would rather guess that it was a game where the Serbs just showed that they are capable of very good inside defense and way more physical than our German youngsters...


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          Thank you so much, gruebler. We missed you!

          What do you think the chances are the Germans will see these two facing them at tip-off their first game in Eurobasket in Poland?

          Tony Parker and Ronny Turiaf, two of several NBA players playing for France. Ronny, of course is a former Zag. If Elias makes the travel roster for Poland and is able to delay his arrival at Gonzaga, it would be fun to see the Old Zag and the new Zag on the court together, even if on opposite sides. However, that French team is made up of grown-ups!

          France will have its next definitive game in earning a play-in spot for Eurobasket, as I understand it, August 27 -30.

          Elias is getting incredible experience, even if he takes a spanking, so long as it doesn't leave him injured.
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            Well, it's most likely that France will qualify. But they have to beat Bosnia who quite surprisingly won every qualification game so far.

            Chances to make the final roster are up for Harris. Coach Bauermann today announced that SF Philip Zwiener (Club: ALBA Berlin) won't make the final roster. Although it's a bit sad for me as a fan of ALBA Berlin, it's good for his club as he'll be able to take part in the pre-season training and prepare for the Euroleague qualification games which already start on September 29th.


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              From a translated interview with Coach Bauerman this morning (link to the German version is here.):
     Who did you prepare in the past surprised?

              Heiko Schaffartzik has shown that he is an asset. Also, the quality of our three youngest Robin Benzing, Tibor Pleisse and Elias Harris has convinced me. It is very gratifying that we have three young players to such a high level towards them.
              From the rest of the translation, it sounds as if France is the expected adversary in the first round game in Poland.

              Eurobasket 2009 Schedule
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                Thanks, Z.N. for bringing us up to the minute on Elias. I can't wait to see him in action in K2.
                Oregon Zag


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                  With this prog you can watch some german TV

                  Channel: DSF

                  They broadcast some Pre-EM (European Championship) Games:

                  Friday, 21. Aug., 18.00 Uhr (always german time!)
                  Supercup in Bamberg: Germany - Macedonia LIVE

                  Saturday, 22. Aug., 19.00 Uhr
                  Supercup in Bamberg: Germany - Croatia/Poland LIVE

                  Wendsday, 2. Sept., 17.30 Uhr
                  EM-Test in Bonn: Germany - Slovenia LIVE

                  Thursday., 3. Sept., 18.50 Uhr
                  EM-Test in Karlsruhe: Germany - Slovenia LIVE

                  The broadcast-plan for the EM is:

                  Preliminary Round
                  Monday 07.09.2009 19:00 - 21:15 Uhr Germany - France or Bosnia and Herzegovina live
                  Tuesday 08.09.2009 16:15 - 18:30 Uhr Germany - Russia live
                  Wendsday 09.09.2009 19:10 - 21:15 Uhr Germany - Latvia live

                  Qualifying Round
                  Friday 10.09.2009 18:00 - 20:15 Uhr Zwischenrunde Deutschland live
                  Sunday 13.09.2009 15:30 - 17:45 Uhr Zwischenrunde Deutschland live
                  Tuesday 15.09.2009 18:00 - 20:15 Uhr Zwischenrunde Deutschland live
                  Tuesday 15.09.2009 20:45 - 23:00 Uhr Zwischenrunde Deutschland live

                  Thursday 17.09.2009 18:00 - 20:15 Uhr Viertelfinale ohne Deutschland live
                  Friday 18.09.2009 18:00 - 20:15 Uhr Viertelfinale Deutschland live

                  Saturday 19.09.2009 18:15 - 20:45 Uhr Halbfinale 1 live
                  Saturday 19.09.2009 20:45 - 23:00 Uhr Halbfinale 2 live

                  Sunday 20.09.2009 21:00 - 23:15 Uhr Finale live

                  For the Understanding of the Competition System:

                  I hope they stick to the broadcast plan even if the german team does not reach the next round...

                  Regards from Germany :-D


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                    Welcome, Nazzir! That's wonderful! I hope the online TV will work for us and we'll be able to catch Elias Harris in action. Thank you.
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                      It appears that zattoo is not available in the United States. gruebler previously provided the link to DSF, which appears to provide direct live streaming: Fingers crossed it will work for us here in the States!

                      The game tomorrow will be showing at 18:15 German time, which is 9:15 a.m. Pacific time.
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                        Originally posted by ZagNative View Post
                        It appears that zattoo is not available in the United States. gruebler previously provided the link to DSF, which appears to provide direct live streaming: Fingers crossed it will work for us here in the States!

                        The game tomorrow will be showing at 18:15 German time, which is 9:15 a.m. Pacific time.
                        I fear DSF does not offer a real live stream... the link you provided does not contain more than a program announcement and some news feeds.


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                          Germany wins over Macedonia today 78-77, with Elias scoring 10 points. From this google translation, I gather that he had two dunks, including the one pictured below, and a three-pointer. Hopefully, our friends from Germany who post here can straighten me out if I'm misinterpreting the translation.

                          I haven't been able to find a box score for the game.
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                            another German who just registered in order to help (maybe you can help finding streams or videos when Elias is playing for Gonzaga ;-))

                            I have seen the game and I remember only one dunk from Harris ( I may have missed one though) and yes he made 1 of 2 treys.

                            he had a good game and he is definetly getting better each game. He is still lacking lots of experience on that level (he only played 3rd German league before). He has never played on a level his teammates and oppenents are playing for years now, due to his great athleticsm he is playing a bigger role each game.

                            he played 18 min, 10pts, 3 reb, 2 To, 1 BS, 1 Stl

                            edit: I just read, that he received a special praise from the coach, that he and the other youngster Benzing played a great game...


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                              Any chance Philipp Neumann can come to Gonzaga, like Elias is?
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                                Hey guys!

                                Over here from gruebler's blog. He said you folks were craving for info.
                                Here we go:

                                I remember 5 plays by Harris from tonight's game (missed the first quarter though):

                                - A lefthanded drive, started at the right corner. Harris took 2 dribbles and pulled up for a midrange jumper from about 12 ft. out. He had an inside player in his face and eventually missed. Not a particulary good decision, but the clock was already down to about 4 secs as his teammates had given up one or two shooting opportunities earlier in the possession.
                                - An uncontested dunk (coming off a weakside cut? I don't remember properly.)
                                - He missed a wide open 3 from the right corner after a nice drive and dish play by Schaffartzik. Mechanics looked strange on this one.
                                - Scored on another three, this time from a 45° angle, left wing. He was wide open again. The macedonian defense clearly had decided to give him the outside shot rather than allowing him to drive. His shot looked way better than the previous one from a technical point of view. But in both cases he took some time to get his shot off, although this could have been because he had a lot of time. Anyway, he does not possess a quick release.
                                - He stole the ball in his own half and crossed the field with only 3 or 4 dribbles, displaying good speed and athletism. But he mishandled and almost lost the ball when he took a left handed dribble at full speed. Finally he was fouled on the lay up attempt and made both free throws.

                                With two players still to be cut from the roster, Harris certainly helped his case today. In my opinion Bauermann's main decision will be weather he wants to go to Poland with 6 bigs (he did this before). In this case, young PG Per Günther, who had recieved little playing time so far, would be out. Or if wants to have a 3rd PG on the roster (then young C Tibor Pleiss might be cut). Personally, I doubt that Bauermann will cut both, so Harris might be the odd man out, but we'll see.

                                As far as Neumann is concerned, I haven't read anything about his future plans. He hasn't signed a contract as a pro yet, so there would no eligibility issues at least. But like I said before, there are no infos if he wants to pursuit a college career. Furthermore, the recent rule changes to support german players in the professional leagues might influence some prospects' dicisions weather to go to an US college or to develop in Germany. But the jury's still out on this one. I don't know if you've already seen it, but there are small bits about his play at the U18 EC here and here.
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