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23-24 Rankings and Polls thread, including diff. polls, and weeks

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  • 23-24 Rankings and Polls thread, including diff. polls, and weeks

    For those who find rankings all Season meaningful in some way, It has begun. Two of the 5 polls I usually follow each season have reported.
    ESPN way to early Pre Season Poll:
    1 - Kansas; 2 -Duke; 3-Purdue; 4-Michigan St; 5-UConn; 6-Houston; 7-Zags; 8-UTenn; 9-FAU; 10-Marquette; 11- AZ

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    AP, Coaches and NET not ranking yet.

    CBS 25 +1:
    1-Kansas; 2-Purdue; 3-Duke; 4-FAU; 5-Mich St; 6-Marquette; 7-Houston; 8-UConn; 9-Creighton; 10-Miami;
    11-Ark; 12-USC; 13-SDSU; 14-Tenn; 15-TX A&M; 16-UK; 17-Tommy Lloyd; 18-Baylor; 19-Zags; 20-Texas

    Well, 7th and 19th. Proof of how hypothetical everything is. Also because of the NIL and portal change, it is much harder to estimate because so many players leave each team each year. The portal reminds me of the unbridled capitalism of the early 1800's.

    Before the last 5 weeks I hoped we would be ranked at all. I am a Fanatic Fan, but polls are supposed to be accurate. I'll have to see it at 7 before believing this year. So many new players .... At least we have Anton as a leader, is Nolan a leader?


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      I think CBS ranking w Zags at #19 right now is much more reasonable then ESPN ranking Zags #7 right now.

      Even though I care a lot about my basketball opinions, they are like comparing a bicycle to a championship motorcycle who is our coach. . ZagsGoZags