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  • Warning on Posting Links

    I know the frustration level is very high, but please refrain from posting links to questionable streaming sites. I am exceedingly alarmed that some of these sites are requiring credit card and other information. This is a sure fire way to have your identity stolen which can have significant consequences.

    This warning is from the FTC Consumer Information website;

    If malicious software on the pirate app gets inside your wireless network, it may try to infect other devices connected to your network. That could put at risk the computer you use for sensitive transactions like online banking or shopping. It could also expose your photos and other personal information. The malware could allow hackers to:

    - Steal your credit card information and sell it to other hackers on the dark web.
    - Steal the log in credentials for sites you shop on and go on a spending spree.
    - Steal the log in credentials for your bank account and steal your money.
    - Use your computer to commit crimes.
    The risk of having your identity compromised is not worth the few minutes of jerky video that you might be able to view.

    I, unfortunately, have had my identify stolen because of compromises in VA and DoD systems. It is a pain. I had to set blocks for credit checks that requires me to call my banks and verify with them everytime I want to set up any type of payment plan. I bought a new phone and had to sit there at the cash register on my old phone trying to get my bank to talk to the cashier to verify the transaction. And that is the low impact part of it.
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