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Lions @ Zags: Head to Head

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  • Lions @ Zags: Head to Head

    After a convincing 87-62 win on 2/6 in Los Angeles, the Zags now host the same LMU Lions (8-15, 2-7) at the Kennel. After losing to the Bulldogs, Loyola Marymount went 1-5, with their only two conference wins coming at home: Portland, and San Diego (both of which are sitting at the bottom of the conference at 1-8 each. Not terribly impressive.


    Gonzaga dominates pretty much all offensive and defensive categories over LMU. Loyola is sitting at #213 on KenPom (#207 offense, #233 defense). If they were in the Big Sky conference, they'd be ninth on Pomeroy. They have the 7th slowest offense in all of college basketball, #347, so look for them to limit possessions and waste their time throwing the ball around until running out the shot clock. Despite their slow play, their opponents amazingly put up nearly 70 points on them. Pretty much all the ingredients for a snoozer. A Zag victory would be a pathetic quadrant IV win (but for them it's a very top quadrant I-A, so expect them to give it their all).

    Torvik predicts an 83-59 win for the Zags, which I think would be merciful. The Vegas line is a bit less merciful, at -26. I think the Dogs will beat the spread, and then some.

    Don't want to look too far ahead at St. Mary's, but this is not the wanted matchup before going into the weekend. Hopefully this gives some needed time for Tillie to heal up for Saturday.

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    So, let's see. LMU projected 8th or 9th in the Big Sky. Zags smoked EWU 112-77 in December. EWU now leading GU's former conference (those trips to Missoula, man, were um, memorable -- if I could only remember them). Then, logically, we should add at least 12 pts to GU's total vs EWU, and subtract, let's say, 10 from LMU's previous effort vs GU in LA. That makes it 124-62, right? Way too harsh, even w/Tillie playing. Prolly not that far off, though. And therein lies a story of two paths diverging in the woods . . . Gonzaga took one, and that has made all the difference.


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      Good stuff, Caduceus! Thanks for sharing!
      Gonzaga - The Greatest Student Section in the Nation!