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Gonzaga vs Dixie State Post Game thoughts and analysis

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  • Gonzaga vs Dixie State Post Game thoughts and analysis

    Gonzaga 97
    Dixie State 63

    Holmgren led the Zags with 14 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists and 7 blocked Shots. He is the most complete player I've seen at Gonzaga. I love watching him play.

    Strawther had a very good second half and ended up leading the Zaga in scoring with 17. He also had 10 rebounds.

    Bolton had 15, and was our best 3 point shooter, making 3 threes.

    Gonzaga also had Hickman in double figures with 11 and Salis with 9. Watson and Nembhard both had 5. Watson also had 7 assists and played a real good game. He appears to have lost weight this year and is toned up quite well.

    Gonzaga continues to shoot poorly from behind the 3 point line shooting just 6-21 for 28,6%. The shot 17-24 from the foul line for 70%.

    I thought that after the first ten minutes Dixie State played well, and gave Gonzaga a good, tough game. They had some very good 3 point shooters, and fought hard and made Gonzaga exert a lot of energy. At one point in the game DS got within 12 points and that's when Strawther went to work.

    On to Texas on Saturday.

    Go Zags!!!
    Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

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    Last ten minutes our dudes started to mess together and flow. Good sign. Work in progress.


    • #3 projected a 102-67 win (35pt). We got a 97-63 win (34pt). Bitter disappointment.


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        I like Hickman
        Bring back the OCC


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          Switched to the Duke/ Kentucky game after ours, gotta say that our guard play,particularly shooting, improves quickly. That being said, Timme wasn't really himself tonight with foul trouble and they still almost dropped 100. I think that we're going to win some games this year


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            A little sloppy at the end of the 1st half and the start of the 2nd. Dixie St were stuck at 3pts for a while. I thought they were really handsy on defense, like Baylor in the Natty.
            Our passes weren't super crisp and they had difficulty with their zone. I really like using Chet at the top of the key busting that zone up, but really somewhat mixed results. 3pt shooting is a liability at this point, but I think they have some improvement in them. We'll see. Chet is a game changer in the paint on defense. He's not strong on the low block, but still is crafty in there. I'm pretty sure he's eye level with the

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            Beat everyone, and enjoy drinking from a chalice filled with their salty tears.


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              I see a replay at 9pm on root sports direct tv channel 687.


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                - all in all i liked the defense, even with the middle 15 minutes when there was an obvious let down.
                - all in all i did not like the offense. way too many turnovers, poor 3 point shooting.

                - but i can see there is a high ceiling for the team to improve on both defense and offense
                - but i can see a texas victory unless zags keep turnovers to 12 or less and shoot 37% or better from 3.


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                  Bolton had a nice overall debut. His 3pt shot was promising

                  Hickman did some things and so did Hunter. Hope we keep playing them a min of 15+ mins/game

                  Timme's rebounding going to keep him outta the league. Just doesn't have that length or ability to really body for boards.

                  Watson 18 mins, really needs 20+. Such an important overall weapon. Former starter.


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                    Sooo much talent out there....lotta stuff to mesh. Lotta length too. Chet has high IQ...Hes always got his head in the game. Crazy good stats tonight. Strawther put the game out of reach...and I like his aggresiveness. MR Gregg looks 2 years older and much stronger...and Perry loves to mix it up. We have SERIOUS depth.

                    Hickman looks smooth and confident with a nice touch...he kinda reminds me of last years #11. I love Hunter's effort on defense and offense...hes almost a defensive first guy...just a HARD worker. Heck, that Graves kid looks really good and in command. The 2 best teams in the WCC are Both called GU....loaded at bigs...loaded at guards...just plane loaded. I could see a big tough WV/BAYLOR TYPE PHYSICALTEAM giving us problems...glad we got Caden...he likes to mix it up. Good win....Dixie state has a nice confident vibe too them and play with confidence...Well Coached.


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                      Holmgrem does everything. Some nice things from many players but we need to fix some things before Saturday. Timme needs to get much stronger, he was struggling against the defense of Dixie St, Texas is a different animal.
                      America's Team!


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                        Texas is loaded.....really loaded.......


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                          Usually GU teams peak early. They are so well coached and the players are seasoned. This year, much like a lot of Kentucky teams, I expect them to peak late.


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                            Originally posted by bartruff1 View Post
                            Texas is loaded.....really loaded.......
                            Understatement. Only reason they are not ranked higher is because they haven't played together leading up to this season. Texas is an All-Star team.
                            America's Team!


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                              I've gotten spoiled by our last several years of having a well-oiled machine with a returning veteran core. I found myself underwhelmed by our first three performances this year. The team shows its youth/inexperience. Looks like it is going to need the full OOC schedule to get in sync if they are to make a NC run. Too many TOs, low FT percentage, spotty 3Pt shooting, occasional defense lapses, and lack of crisp execution of passing sequences on offense that lead to open shooters and easy baskets. We got past the two exhibition opponents and tonight's opener by having more size, depth, and skilled players going against much weaker opponents. I think Texas is going to be a nailbiter. We'll see.