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GU vs Central Michigan - Predictions/Thoughts/What you do hope to see

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  • GU vs Central Michigan - Predictions/Thoughts/What you do hope to see

    Next up for the Zags are the Chippewas of Central Michigan. CM played Missouri tight, were blown out by DePaul but did squeak out a win against Eastern Illinois. Do they extend their winning streak to 2 or do the Zags stay unbeaten?

    What are you hoping to see on Monday? Expecting to see? Thoughts? Predictions?

    Have at it boys and girls!
    "And Morrison? He did what All-Americans do. He shot daggers in the daylight and stole a win." - Steve Kelley (Seattle Times)

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    Zags 98-65


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      I'm not too concerned about the score (or the differential as long as we win by double-digits). What I want to see is a strong effort to set the tempo in first 10 minutes and build a comfortable lead so we can rotate the bench in for solid minutes in both halves. Don't want the team fatigued for the UCLA game.


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        central m 65
        GU 85
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          ZAGS 87
          CHIPPEWAS 63

          Game not as close as the predicted score as Zags substitute liberally in 2nd half. Few rests starters for the bigger payday with UCLA.
          Hope to see: Watson and Arlauskas each make a layup. I've seen bricklayers with softer hands...
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          —Kurt Vonnegut


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            Us. 85

            Them. 63

            Going to get some bench players time to save the legs.


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              92-64 Zags
              Not even a smile? What's your problem!


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                Chippewas - 59
                Zags - 100

                Go Zags - Beat the Chippewas!!
                “The true measure of a Jesuit education,” said former Superior General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, “is not what our students do, but who they become.”


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                  Zags - 89
                  Chips - 59
                  GO ZAGS!!!


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                    Zags Roll winning 90-58
                    Hoping they repeat with another 40%+ 3pt night and no injuries... lots of PT for the bench.


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                      98-58 GU
                      No injuries


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                        Zags 88-60


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                          Bulldogs - 89
                          Chippewas - 68
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                            Zags 87-61.

                            I also have a favor to ask. Can another poster open the BZ Bulldog of the Game thread for this game? I can’t stay up for this one, because I will need to give a big presentation on the following morning.
                            “No team in the country has a better winning percentage against power conference teams since 2017 than Gonzaga... the Zags are playing above average teams in the best leagues in the country and winning 78% of the time.”

                            -Ken Pomeroy-



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                              Zags 91-62, love the zags team defense, impressive.