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    Originally posted by jazzdelmar View Post
    Like at Butler?
    Too much pain.


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      Originally posted by jazzdelmar View Post
      We’re spoiled, Tex
      I know it. OTOH, I'm reveling in the success of this program, knowing full well the ride will come to an end sooner than we think.


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        Originally posted by jazzdelmar View Post
        Like at Butler?
        The Butler player overheard what the Zags were going to do as he walked by Olynyk. I forgave that pass a long time ago


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          Originally posted by zagamatic View Post
          The Butler player overheard what the Zags were going to do as he walked by Olynyk. I forgave that pass a long time ago
          For me, the demons were exorcised in the Elite 8 game against Xavier.


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            Originally posted by jazzdelmar View Post
            Like at Butler?
            Haha nice one Jazz!! Your posts always always make me chuckle 😀


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              Originally posted by Reborn View Post
              Gonzaga 83
              UCLA 63

              Wow! I never saw this coming. Gonzaga totally dominated UCLA the first half 45-25, and essentially the game was over at the half. Gonzaga slowed it down in the second half and kept a steady lead of 20 throughout. Gonzaga slowed it down to a crawl in the last 3 minutes just using the clock to cloee UCLA out. The announcers raved about Holmgren, and they also did the same regarding Nembhard.

              Nembhard led the Zags with 24 points and 6 assists, and played like a puppet master controlling the whole game. He npt only scored but had complete control of the offense with brilliant passes and dribbling. He also played awesome defense as usual. Holmgren also played outstanding, especially in the first half where he controlled the inside and kept UCLA away from the basket inside. He is the Best BASKET PROTECTR EVER AT Gonzaga. He also had real good offense with 2 threes, and scoring 15 points. Timme had 18 points and really got beat up inside. However he took ever blow like a real warrior. Strather had 11 and 9 rebounds and played real good deense. Bolton helped out with 0 points and 2 threes.

              Gonzaga shot 56% for the game, and 39% from behind the 3 point line. The shot 76 % from the foul line. Very good offense.

              Oh by the way, Watson didn't score and had a real hard time guarding anyone on defense. I hope Few begins to look at Perry more. Perry played some good minutes in the second half and looked pretty good I thought.

              As I expected Gonzaga's defense was just too much for UCLA, especially in the first half when Gonzaga just destroyed UCLA. I love watching this team play D. i felt they shot pretty goof from the 3 point line making 9 threes. They were really hot from behing the arch at the beginning of the game, maybe nailing their first 4 three pointers. Nembhard had two and Bolton

              Well that's about it for now. Gotta led other people chime in...On to Friday nite ve Duke.

              Go Zags!!!
              I thought it was so cool to see Nembhard shoulder the two UCLA players as he was talking yelling after he busted them up for two straight layins through traffic/contact to lead to a T.O. He seemed to let those UCLA boys know they weren’t on his level. If memory serves me correct didn’t help have a real nice game versus then in Final 4 also


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                Originally posted by jazzdelmar View Post
                Like at Butler?
                Jazz, I was almost over that.
                America's Team!


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                  This is probably my lack of basketball knowledge showing, but can you bang into your defender's chest shoulder-first and shove them back with your off-arm elbow to get your jumper off? That's like 75% of UCLA's offense. I don't think I saw Jaquez take a shot tonight without the shove-off first.


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                    Nemby played all 40 again yet he was amazing. His best game as a Zag, was dominant on defense too

                    Timme played 39 mins. We gotta reel that in. He also played 38 vs Texas. Drew's neck was bothering him tonight. He was jumped on. Still rubbing it post game

                    Anton gets the raw deal on foul calls man. 2 or 3 of those calls were phantom fouls. Only played 5 mins AGAIN which hurt our depth/rotation

                    Still want more mins outta Sallis. And I certainly trust Hickman out there. Want them seasoned as possible by next March.

                    Julian impressed me tonight. Yes he missed a ton of bunnies but those missed shots looked "good" and he crashed the boards like a champ. He really flies around and seemed like UCLA was surprised by him. Solid D too.

                    Chet was doing Chet stuff. Happy to see him sub 30 mins. His presence is unbelievable. So valuable.

                    Um, Rasir should shoot more. His shot just looks/feels soft, and goes in most of the time.

                    Drew had a much better 2nd half. He kept his head up and picked his spots. His neck could be an issue clearly bothering him.

                    It really was the Nembhard show tho, along with Chet impact.

                    Venue is my favorite I've attended of any zag game. Great sound system and tech.

                    Duke is much tougher matchup. A couple NBA bigs and a handful of lotto picks. That's the difference Duke has NBA guys, UCLA doesn't really beside Peyton Watson and Juzang as 2nd Rounder


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                      You said it. Duke should be a tougher match up. Lets see Thursday Night. Go Zags


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                        Three real possibilities... 1) Best point guard in college basketball
                        2) POY in college basketball
                        3) 1st pick in NBA draft

                        Not saying that all these things happen, however all three have a legitimate chance. The fact that its three diffrent players on the same team is mind blowing!


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                          I'm still trying to process what I saw last night. Never expected a 20 point beat down when the line was only +7.
                          The NBA playoffs, a best of 7 is always better than a best of 1.


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                            Originally posted by SorenTodd45 View Post
                            I'm still trying to process what I saw last night. Never expected a 20 point beat down when the line was only +7.
                            Alibi Cronin was clearly expecting it. Talk about sour grapes.


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                              Man that was fun...well worth staying up past midnight despite having to work today.

                              I am so happy for Nembhard; Timme and Holmgren rightfully get tons of press but now folks gotta start appreciating that Gonzaga also sports one of if not the very best point guards in all of college basketball. I just love how calm and cool he always is. Can always count on Nembhard to play his best ball when the stakes are highest; he is just a stud.

                              Zags got dudes indeed! Strawther and Bolton were outstanding as well; when those two are hitting shots, particularly early in the game, that just flummoxes the opponent's defensive game plan right off the bat. Strawther was powerful on the boards too, which is huge for this team as he will have size/strength advantage over most wings trying to guard him. He didn't really have that vs Bruins yet dominated on the boards anyway...bodes well.

                              Hickman and Sallis may not have had mind blowing stats but the two true freshmen had zero turnovers between them with Hickman (16 minutes) being just so calm and confident with the ball. He had no trouble vs the press. Hunter had 2 pts, 3 rebounds and 1 assist in 10 minutes. Great game experience for these two.

                              Watson just had a weird game getting into early foul trouble; love the kid and am rooting for him but gotta say the 2nd (?) foul he committed was just so careless and unnecessary; Bruin corrals a defensive rebound and Watson just rakes him across the arms trying to grab it from him...seemed kind of indifferent about the foul too as if he could care less he did it. Pardon me, not fair speculating about players thinking process but Watson continues to baffle me. I hope he has a great game vs Duke and gets his confidence flowing again. Zags need him to be impactful to reach their goals this season.

                              I was surprised Few did not go to Perry immediately in the first half when both Watson and Holmgren had 2 fouls. I hope he or Gregg can do enough in practice to earn the role of automatic sub if/when our 3 bigs (Timme, Holmgren, Watson) get into early foul trouble. The cheat code to beating this Zags squad, if there is one, is to get Timme and Holmgren in foul trouble by pounding Zags inside. Gotta get some confident, dependable backup big minutes to counter that eventuality. College hoops has a lot of really good teams with big boy bigs in their lineups this season.

                              So excited for two days of anticipating Duke. Nothing would make me happier than to see the Zags give Coach K his first loss in his last season.
                              Even though I care a lot about my basketball opinions, they are like comparing a bicycle to a championship motorcycle who is our coach. . ZagsGoZags


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                                Continuing the depth conversation for big games................

                                Looking at the box score, although Coach went 9 deep, there were still only 7 guys (starters + Hickman & Sallis) with meaningful (10+) minutes tonight. Nemby played all 40 and Timme 39. That's too many..............

                                Now, some of Drew's 39 minutes can be attributed to Watson picking up a couple of phantom calls in the first half, but have to find a way to get Nemby and Timme a little more rest during the game. In big games like last night, Nemby is going to be on the floor for 35+ minutes and Timme 25+, barring foul trouble, but last night was extreme, especially when it was a complete, 40-minute beatdown. Maybe give either Hickman or Sallis a short run at the point in these games on either side of a TV timeout, just to give Nemby a blow.

                                Interesting that Coach went with Perry instead of Gregg as the 4th big, looks like the decision has been made for the big games. Not questioning it, just thought it was interesting given the circumstances. Thought Perry played well in his limited minutes.

                                Bring on Dook...............

                                Go ZAGS