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Withers: Alabama redux

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  • Withers: Alabama redux
    But we don't play nobody.

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    Nice to hear from Bud. It’s been awhile. Nails it with his last sentence….

    “Gonzaga still has as good a chance as anybody to win the ’22 championship. It’s just that there are a lot of anybodys out there.”



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      The good news for the Zags is, there ought to be a mountain of upside. Julian Strawther is just a pup. Nolan Hickman and Hunter Sallis are fresh out of high school. Rasir Bolton is adjusting to a new system. And Holmgren is just scratching the surface.


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        always nice to read Bud,
        last year the national media, and many of us on this board this year, flying high talking the talk of Nat'l champs.
        Life and nature bring down the high and mighty, those with zag hubris get to experience the virtues of humility and not living in the future ...
        I imagine there are many Baylor fans who felt their two losses late in the season helped them get their heads on straight in case they got to the Nat'l championship.
        One good thing about these losses, is that before the Duke loss many of our players and even, yes, in the back of their minds, perhaps some of the coaches, we couldn't stop dreaming about a down the road championship. Now we are just one of the good teams like we have been for so many years.
        There is a lot of good spiritual food for zag nation to feed on the rest of this season, and perhaps for many of us, the rest of our lives.


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          Amen to this ! Reality check.


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            good read, sounds exactly like what a few insightful posters have said right here