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ESPN’s all time best transfers.

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    Originally posted by seacatfan View Post
    It's click bait, so what can you expect? Seems to suffer from quite a bit of recency bias, with a few old school names thrown in. I'm fairly sure you could come up with a completely different top 20 and not get too much argument.

    Just looking at Chris Mills, Loren Woods or Brian Williams, but they included T.J. McConnell...yeah right, that's pretty ludicrous.

    Do Jucos not count? Whole bunch of big time JC transfers over the years, couple that come to mind are Larry Johnson and Mitch Richmond, there are countless more.

    Overall I heartily rate the list a meh.
    JP Batista too.
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      specifically excluded jucos...


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        Originally posted by WallaWallaZag View Post
        specifically excluded jucos...
        I didn't read the fine print. Although one guy transferred from D3, I see no reason not to include jucos, probably many of them are higher level of competition than that.


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          Originally posted by jazzdelmar View Post
          Wasn’t the Bonus a transfer from Mars?
          I always thought Lithuania.

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