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Gonzaga vs Texas Tech Post Game thoughts and analysis

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  • Gonzaga vs Texas Tech Post Game thoughts and analysis

    Gonzaga 69
    Texas Tech 55

    This was the kind of game we were all hoping to see. Gonzaga made 13 threes, hitting 41% of them. Season highs and against a good defensive team. Way to go Zags! Also aonly 10 turnovers which was also really great. Maybe a season season low. And finally, hit 8-10 free throws for 80% which is about where it needs to be. Gonzaga really needed this win, and they came out and got it. Mark Few is really really tough to beat when he has this much time to prepare for a game. And they have played Texas Tech a couple times, and as recently as two years ago I thing in the NCAA Quarter Finals. It was a very interesting game because this was a game where our guards did what I was hoping that they would do, SCORE FROM BEHING THE ARCH. Timme only scored 7 and Holmgren 5. Watson had a very good game off the bench score 10 points.

    I was hoping to see a breakout game from Nembard and we got it finally. I believe he needs to become a greater offensive threat and scoreer. He led the team in scoring with 16 today making 4-8 from behind the arch. He took a team high 16 shots, which I really like. He missed a number of insside shots which I believe in time he will start hitting those runners. Bolton, the #2 guard scored 15 points all on 3 point shots. He made 5-10 from behind the arch. The guard off the bench, Hickman scored 7 and had an ok game. We got 17 points from our bench which is very good.

    Finally I thought Gonzaga's defense was very good tonight. They held Tech to 37% shooting as a team for the game, and holding them to 31% shooting on 6 three pointers. Holmgren has such an outstanding presence on defense. He does foul a little too much, and hopefully he will get better at that. Tech was the kind of team who wanted to score inside but they had so much difficulty with Holmgrem in the game.

    Thats about it for now. I'll get this on the board so others can write.

    Go Zags!!!
    Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

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    We finally get a win vs Texas Tech by staying poised in a tight game. Great passing to find open shooters with 16 assists on 24 made FG's. Texas Tech made some runs that were answered with timely 3 point shots. The 16-2 run after TTU closes to within 2 points was decisive keyed by Nembhard's back to back 3's. They never really recovered and we cruised the rest of the way.

    Best game by our guards in awhile. Nembhard returns to form with 16 points 6 assists and only 2 turnovers. TTU game plan was to pack the middle and lay off of Bolton who made them pay with 5 treys while chipping in with 3 quality steals. Appears that when GU hits shots, shares the ball, limits turnovers and wins the rebounding battle, we are hard to beat-LOL

    I hated the way the TTU guards, Nadolny and McCuller, were flopping, kicking their feet out on shots and throwing their heads & arms around to over react to contact while b*tching to the refs all game. McCuller got warned early and should have gotten T'ed up for the flop that got Timme's 3rd.



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      Gonzaga shot 31 threes. Wowzers.


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        Taking what they were worked out great.


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          Pretty good game, I wish their best guy could of played.

          Teams will continue to pack it in against us and physically contest shots because we've been terrible at the line and at the arc. Our early schedule has a ton of these schemes so we should continue to improve against it.

          Today's game was a step in the right direction by showing we can at least hit wide open 3's at a good clip. 8-10 from the line is also an improvement (with lower volume). The next step will be hitting 3's over a defender and attacking the rim without getting blocked.

          Baylor, Duke, Purdue, won't have to triple team Timme and have the athletes to close out on 3's. An answer could be the short range jumper or the floater but while we have guys that can do that, that shot isn't preferred when open. if you look at the shot chart for this game, it's 3 point line or 3 feet.

          Every game we need to improve our decision making and develop our bench so there's no way to take away all options. I think Watson is well on his way taking pressure off of our starters but I think we need Hickman to get there as well to beat the top 3 teams in March.
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            Great overall game. Holmgren such a presence on the defensive end. Corrected some issues today. If you want to get nit-picky, end of first half, we miss a shot and Nembard gets offensive rebound, instead of taking a quick shot, we should have pulled it out and play for final shot. We were up 10, if we take last shot we still lead by double digits going into halftime. Instead take quick shot they rebound and score on a dunk to close the half. Another issue, we scored only two points in the last 5 minutes plus to end the game. That’s a number of games where offensively we haven’t closed well. Surprised Tech didn’t foul toward end of game. Great game defensively. Lastly, what is with announcers still mispronounce Gonzaga.


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              limiting turnovers and making shots was a really good thing to see.
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                Lubbock TX newspaper game coverage here:


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                  One thing I’m a little worried about is Few’s insistence on sitting a player with two first half fouls until halftime. He has evolved a ton and this is pretty much my only remaining concern. Didn’t cost us today but we are not going to be able to play extended minutes without starters late in the tournament. Have to trust the guys at some point.


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                    Great win for the Zags. Proof positive Timme and Holmgren are team first guys, they took something like 7 shots combined. Zags littles proved they can carry the scoring. Fantastic seeing Watson drain that 3 and play confidence. Lowered turnovers, better shooting % from 3 and FT. Nice performance Zags. I am impressed and stoked.
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                      - great game! who would of thunk it? make 3's, limit turnovers and sink your free throws, and you almost always come out on top.
                      - really really want to see gu sustain those efforts and become the better team they can be.


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                        Really happy with the result. I am not sure why Nembhard played 40 minutes though. Wanted to see Sallis play more. He had good defense. Still had difficulty making the outside shot though but that isn’t his bread and butter.


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                          I hope we see more Watson and Hickman.

                          Nadolny drove to the basket and made a layup, closing the deficit to two points in the second half before Gonzaga used a barrage of 3-pointers to forge a 14-2 run to run away with a 69-55 victory in the Footprint Center.
                          Quote is from the linked Lubbock newspaper write-up. A barrage of three pointers was not on my BINGO card for the game. Happy it happened. One in a row is not a trend. . .
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                            Thanks Section 116 for the Lubbock news story!
                            Originally posted by Section 116 View Post
                            Lubbock TX newspaper game coverage here:
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                              Originally posted by zagfan08 View Post
                              One thing I’m a little worried about is Few’s insistence on sitting a player with two first half fouls until halftime. He has evolved a ton and this is pretty much my only remaining concern. Didn’t cost us today but we are not going to be able to play extended minutes without starters late in the tournament. Have to trust the guys at some point.
                              Any evidence that playing guys with two fouls actually leads to more wins?

                              Looking at Few’s 2 foul participation rate over the years, it looks like he is usually pretty middle of the road and makes the decision based on the available replacement player. In 2019, Rui and Brandon were “trusted” to play more minutes with two fouls in the first half of games. But due to injuries to Tillie the only option on the bench was freshman Petrusev.

                              Probably good to get minutes to guys who may have to play later in the season if we have an injury or foul trouble then. And let starters play more aggressive when they are on the court than lots of minutes with them in foul trouble. But maybe not.

                              I seriously don’t know if risking starters in the first half is a good idea or not.