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  • Woohoo update

    I decided, because of the extreme interest, to start a new and more encouraging thread. If the mods feel it should be under the existing Woohoo thread, feel free to move it. A short time ago I received a text from Nathan asking if I would post a brief message on the board. Here is what he sent:

    Hey all! I haven't read any PM's yet, but I have read every post of this thread (Nathan, of course is referring to the existing thread). Your kind comments and messages mean more to me than you will ever realize. I am still incredibly weak, and can barely hold my phone for more than 30 seconds before I tire out. BUT...I am alive. The doctor said if I'd waited 6-12 hours longer, I would not have made it! Unreal. I have my wife to thank for that one.

    I will have more in depth posts for later in the week, but for now, I just wanted to make sure and acknowledge you all. I am so lucky to be a part of Zag nation. Can't wait to chat more soon. Thank you again.


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    Thanks for sharing, Section 116. I think you made the right choice.
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      Wow! Fabulous news!
      Gonzaga - The Greatest Student Section in the Nation!


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        God bless you, Nathan.


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          This is real good news.

          Keep getting better.


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            Yeah, we're "The Champs," uh-huh!


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              I'm not're crying



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                GREAT news!

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                Your children have been placed in the custody of...Carl's Jr.


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                  This is the best news all day!
                  GO ZAGS!!!


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                    Great news. So happy you're doing so much better, I knew you'd pull through. My prayers for you and your family will continue. God bless you all, as He has continued to do. Thaks for posting, Nathan.

                    Go Zags!!!
                    Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!


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                      Great to hear from ya Nathan.

                      Welcome back!


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                        OP has my vote for :

                        Best Post Ever*

                        (* in the history of guboards and all of it's predecessor boards ... gunation/yahoo/247scout/rivals)
                        “To be continued …”. Fr Tony Lehman, SJ
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                          I got everything I asked for in the prediction thread:

                          I hope to see . . .
                          no injuries.
                          a return to Zag form.
                          Woohoo posting here within a week.
                          GO WOOHOO!!!


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                            This is such great news. Thank you for updating us. Way to battle your ass off Nathan. All the best to you Nathan and family. Hang in there y'all. Prayers will continue for you and your wife and kids and entire family.


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                              116 THANKS for posting this GREAT news!

                              Nathan get some rest and then come back to us stronger than happy for you and the family...