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  • BYU @ Gonzaga — Head to Head

    Been a while since we had a competitive (or any) opponent. The BYU Cougars (14-3, 2-0 conf) come into town while our students don't get the benefit of overnight camping activities. The Cougars have had a successful (by record), but less than stellar (by scheduling) season. We all know about their smooth wins against Oregon, St. Mary's, SDSU, and Utah. Equally, they've posted losses against Vandy, Utah Valley and Creighton. BYU is ranked #24 by KenPom and #26 by Barttorvik. While BYU doesn't have any Q1 wins (or even games), they have accumulated 6 Q2 wins in their season (and lost 3 Q2). They beat who they should, but haven't exactly played anyone.

    Basic Stats:

    The Zags have a serious offensive advantage, statistically. The Zags are favored in all of the four factors for winning basketball (bottom four on the left column). Defensively it's a bit more of a mixed bag, although the Zags are predominantly more in favor. Home advantage should add to that, although the Cougars have been known to steal away wins. You know they've circled this game on their calendar.

    Efficiency Stats:

    Just glad to see a game, and one not on ROOT (Curse your inevitable betrayal! I suspect no one will get the reference).

    Shut down Barcello and the Zags should walk away. Barttorvik give the Cougars a 12% chance of winning, and a margin of 13.



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    Thanks for doing these.


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      Originally posted by JPtheBeasta View Post
      Thanks for doing these.
      Yes, thank you. Gives us another dimension to be a Zag fan.

      Man, I wish we could get our 3 pt% up.
      Originally posted by Reborn
      Go Zags!!!
      Self-Proclaimed GIF Proprietor


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        First off - THANKS CAD!

        I have watch BYU play several times with Baxter and w/o Baxter and they are a much better team with him on the floor; however, he is out for the season so the games after his injury were pretty much dominated by Barcello. As Barcello goes, so go the Cougars...the cast of the other players are quite good and more athletic then in years past but they are not at the talent level of GU.

        Lohner, Traore and Atiki are their big men and it will be interesting to see how they match up with Timme, Chet and Watson...

        They have some nice pieces with Barcello, George, Knell, Knight and Lucas but without a rim protector (Baxter) they don't have that needed presence in the post to augment these players.

        BYU has become a much better team on defence but will they be able to slow us down and contain our uptempo game?


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          Interesting article on "The Athletic" about Mark Pope and BYU and Big 12 move in two years. Sounds like Y is looking forward to how they can compete in B12. They believe they need to beat GU to start proving it. BYU has also been good and many very, very good players come through there but Mark Few and Tommy LLoyd probably "out coached" Dave Rose (who is/was a good guy) and also Mark Pope (who may be better coach than Rose) but the article is pretty quiet about the "quality" of Top Div 1 players needed to succeed. GU has had great players too and also great coaching but look how long it took us to reach the Final Four. Developing a "winning" attitude is important but without a top coach (over 830% winning) and quality players the underdog team will always have a tough time "willing" a victory over GU. BYU was on fire last year in WCC tourney but Suggs, Timme, Kispert and company came from behind to win.

          Great success promotes more great success. GU has had that and hopes to continue. The BYU-St. Mary's game doesn't well up much excitement about tonight's game. Cougars will fight how, push, shove and grab amd Barcello will try to carry them but "looking ahead to the B-12" isn't the way to do it and likely they won't tonight. Still we need to respect Pope and the hungry players who have been routinely disappointed by Zags.


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            Baxter with 3 season-ending injuries in past 3 seasons.

            How does that happen?? Definitely more than just 'bad luck'



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              The Zags scored nearly 50 points better than BYU's average opponent score. And the Zags shot 26% better than the average of BYU's opponents have this season. That's utterly incredible.

              Pace of play certainly had a huge influence. Notice how many times the Zags got a quick layup in transition, or a steal and a dunk.

              I hope this is the new normal for our team. If we play like that the rest of the season, we're not losing. Of course, that's not happening, but I think the recent break might have brought the team to another level.

              Hope it continues.