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Is anyone concerned we played only one true road game thus far?

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  • Is anyone concerned we played only one true road game thus far?

    Against Santa Clara no less? Feels very Duke like for a non conference slate, except Duke has to get through the ACC (historically good). It’s hard enough getting descent prep for the tournament in conference. It’s concerning to me that our hardest true away games will be in familiar territory at SMC and at BYU.
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    They’ve played several games at neutral or quasi-neutral sites. NCAA tourney games are at mostly neutral sites. Unless rhe Zags get a make-up game at Rupp or some place like that, the only remaining true road games will be against WCC teams - tough environments but familiar.


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        No, but I am concerned how I’ll prepared the WCC will have the zags for the bracket


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          No, we played neutral games on top of it (which better suits you for the actual tournament. Why care about something that doesn’t matter?
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            Is anyone concerned we played only one true road game thus far?

            I’m not concerned with all the neutral site games against legitimate tourney teams we played. I’m also not concerned about the WCC play as there is legitimately four teams with realistic shots at the dance (including us). Granted we blew out two of the better WCC teams, but we do have the Provo trip which will be no joke from an environment standpoint. Plus we have trips to USF/SMC still

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