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    Originally posted by DADoZAG View Post
    Not sure if this is meant for Kiddwell or 229, guess I really don't care.

    This, the power of "prayer", of coming together with a single thought, a single need, a single want, all of US... that is the power that binds us all. #4WeR1

    So glad to have Woohoo back!

    Now, tonight at 9:00 PM PST, take a knee and praise HIM, open yourself to the universe, light the sage and chant, do whatever you do to "pray", for at least one more ZAG is still silent. It matters not why these ZAGS need to fight for their incarnate life, it matters not if we agree with their politics, their religion, the way the love. We know there are ZAGS out there fighting...

    Believe WE can help and "pray", #4WeR1

    Would that one AG be our own MDABE! Still very worried about him...not heard anything positive here lately about him...

    ABE Come back to us!


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      So happy to hear from Mrs Woo and the Woo himself! Our world is a better place with the two of you in it and I think everyone would agree with this. So thankful you are back.
      One of the greatest stories in basketball history...Gonzaga!


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        Originally posted by gozagswoohoo View Post
        I’m glad you asked me this. Yes, I have become an advocate. These last 6 weeks have been really difficult for me. Aside from the PHYSICAL battle I had, it’s been incredibly difficult emotionally too.

        I’d actually like to give a much longer, more heartfelt answer to your question, but I’m sitting at Woohoo Jr’s basketball game at the moment. Give me a day or so, and I’d like to share some things with evwryone. I think people might appreciate my in-depth experiences from the front line.
        I'm interested in learning to hear your viewpoints before and after, and what changed, if anything.
        Originally posted by Reborn
        Go Zags!!!
        Self-Proclaimed GIF Proprietor


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          Glad you have started your recovery, and can cherish things such as watching your son play ball again.

          Still have your Gonzaga BB Schedule on our refrigerator, and think about what you've gone through every time we look at it.

          Best and get well.