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  • Favorite Zags Item ?

    Curious what is everyone's one favorite piece of Zags memorabilia or item they possess?

    I am really not a collector - but i would have to say mine is my Zags 1999 Phoenix Regional t-shirt because of such sentimental value for me.

    Not only was that my favorite Zag memory ("The Tip-in"), but it was the first basketball game I ever attended with my wife (new girlfriend at the time) and she bought me the shirt.

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    My mom passed away in March of last year of brain cancer, but before she died the entire team signed a poster for her, and the coaches sent her a card saying that they were praying for her.

    The poster is framed in my dad's house, and will always be our favorite piece of memorabilia.

    GU Class of '07


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      I don't have anything as great as that of Tobyzag, but I do have a "Final B Tournament 2006" program signed by David Pendergraph, who was attending with Derek Raivio.


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        1960-1961 Gonzaga Men's hoops media guide. (Frank Burgess's senior year). Burgess is on the cover.
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          I'm a bit of an autograph lover, so whenever I have the chance to get something signed--I'm on it. (I've been known to go to GU volleyball games, basketball teeshirt/fresh Sharpie stuffed in my bag...but only because I've seen players at the times I've played/practiced and been to vball related activities at Martin. ) Because of this my favorite GU memorabilia would have to be one of my 3 teeshirts from the past 3 out of 4 seasons (2003-2004, 2004-2005, and 2006-2007). I have nearly everyones from those seasons, excluding Adam Morrison (bah!! and to think I sat next to him on TWO occasions but was too scared to ask for him to sign my shirt...) and Micah Downs.


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            My stub from the USF game in January... my first in the new Kennel.
            Oh, and my videotape of The Season.
            I wear a helmet while internetting.


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              is there anyway to get a videotape of that???? i would die for it...someone please help!


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                My diploma?


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                  I got one of those too, Zagfaninmt... expensive little trinket.

                  And whenever I see it, I still wonder when I'm going to get the call saying "hey we discovered your records are incorrect - you didn't really graduate"
                  There's no such thing as "garbage time" - there's only the time to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

                  That is what is best about being a Zag.


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                    tobizag- Wow man, that's awesome.

                    Sinto- Did you get that on ebay about a year ago? Seems like I saw that media guide on there.
                    Allow myself to introduce....myself...


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                      I've never been a big autograph or memorabilia guy. I'm a running geek, so I did get Jim Ryun's autograph when I went to the AAU junior olympics a long time ago.

                      I did decide last year that I ought to have the SI issue with Adam on the cover for my son, so I bought that. Maybe Saramo can get it autographed for me?


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                        I have my downstairs decorated with Zag memorabilia. Framed autographed jerseys of Adam Morrison and Ronny Turiaf, unsigned Jersey of Tony Canadeo, autographed photos of Stockton, Turiaf, Pargo, and LG.
                        But my most unusual item is a framed photo of John Stockton, purchased from the Disney Foundation when they were remodeling, that shows John with a large line of kids and John is autographing everything in sight. Quite an unusual pic!


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                          Only have a few things...but my #35 turiaf jersey takes it for now. Wear it on gamedays over here in Florence


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                            favorite zags items

                            Since our family of five boys grew up on campus, we all had enough "stuff" over the years to fill a small museum.

                            As a batboy, I got all the broken bats, dozens of balls (a foul ball into the lumber yard was considered sunken treasure), plus those dented, water soaked, threads broken etc. Plus old uniforms (I had 2-3, but they were so big I wasn't that interested); mitts, caps, you name it. Imagine a locker room at the end of a season and you get some idea.

                            Same with basketball. Whenever a team would get new uniforms, there were all those old ones. Mostly tops. Bottoms were there but were way too big (imagine that being a problem today!)

                            Then there was all those football uniforms, helmets and shoes that Gonzaga High School inherited from the GU program when it was stopped with WW II. Fr. Harry Jahn, equipment mgr., Gonzaga High school (located roughly where welch hall is today) gave us kids all the helmets and uniforms we wanted.

                            And shoes. with rubber cleats. the helmets were all leather, no lining and seemed to weigh about 10 pounds apiece. no face masks. The pants looked and felt like canvas and the jerseys were wool, tattered, moth eaten and way to big. We didn't care. We put everything on and played football on the oval now located between the cog and the Crosby Library year round.

                            It used to have wooden stands and a giant scoreboard about where the front of the Foley Library now protrudes.

                            We thought we owned the world. And we did. After all, we played on the field where, back in the day, legend and history will tell you, Mike Pecarovich helped develop the forward pass. Ray Flaherty, who went on to become the Washington Redskins' coach who won the first Superbowl (not called that then), coached there. All American Tony Canadeo played there, too. And Ray Hare & Herm Brass and Peter Patrick Higgins and Seaton Daly. the list goes on. and on.

                            For all I know, we owned some of their gear. We definitely imitated their game in primitive equipment, on their turf.

                            The sad part is I can't think of a single article any of us kept. It was junk to Fr. Jahn and GU when they gave it to us. It was at least third hand, maybe fourth. We gave it life for several more years and gave it away or threw the old equipment away whenever "newer" equipment became available from fr. Jahn. At that was generally at the end of each season.

                            Seems like a million years ago. Until I write about it. then it seems like yesterday. I can still see & hear Puggy Hunton and Bill Frazier yelling at a bunch of GHS fb players whenever i visit that site.

                            and I still remember when Paul Redmond trampled me as I attempted to run alongside him, on the field, during practice, one time. He gave me a taste of his cleats, which sank into my back. He kept going until he reached the endzone. I as five or six.
                            Go TEAM Zags !

                            "John Stockton is one of the true marvels, not just of basketball, or in America, but in the history of Western Civilization!”
                            Tom Hammond: “Wow, that’s a pretty strong statement. I guess I don’t have a good handle on world history.”
                            Bill: “Well Tom, that’s because you didn’t go to UCLA." - Bill Walton


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                              Favorite Zag Item?

                              I still have my old annuals from 67-70. It's really a fun time to pull them out and REMEMBER the good ol days. I also have my scrapbook with newspaper articles written about the basketball team back in the good 'ol day. Those are fun too.

                              The Bulldog item I probably value the most is a "classic" Gonzaga Bulldog Tshirt that my nephew gave me. He was over at GU at the end of his Senior year for a tennis match with GU (he played for Seattle U) He bought a Classic T-Shirt while there and he then gave it to me....Mmmm maybe 10 years ago. It now has about 4 nice holes in it, but I still where it often around the house only, or under another shirt.

                              My son often gets me Bulldog sweatshirts, T-shirts caps ect for Christmas. My favorite, and I wear them during all games I watch on TV, is a long sleeve blue Gonzaga (picture of a Bulldog) basketball hood. Over that I wear a grey and red Gonzaga Bulldog T-Shirt. I just started wearing this outfit maybe a month ago, and it's been doing well. I forgot to put the grey T-shirt over the blue sweatshirt the day we lost to Santa Clara, so I really DO not forget to put that on now.