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The BZ Bulldog of the Game - USD @ GU - 02. 20. 21

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    Went Suggs but honestly could have gone with Timme or Corey as well
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      Originally posted by Birddog View Post
      Just about a dead heat between Timme and Kispert. Corey had 8RB, 3 Assists, 3 Steals, 1 Block, no TO's, Kispert for the win
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        I had to go with Cook, those 2 highlight reel dunks were exceptionally good


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          timme made all 7 free throws, now that's progress, let's hope he can perform in close games when they count
          4 offensive rebounds, which are the best kind of rebounds
          played through battering lots of points
          chose Timme for this game


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            Went with Cook for the dunks, D, and 6 rebounds. Hard to vote for Corey when he's 0-4 from 3.


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              Went with Cook if for no other reason than his double jams.
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                heck i didn't see the Spicy Shrimp flatbread in time,
                if I had my vote would have been affirm no-brainer