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    Watson looked good like the old guy at the park who cab beat cha.

    We won’t really see them play until they have real competition, but this team displays an awful lot of promise.

    Voted for Strawther whose body language screams "It’s my turn. I’m the go-to guy!’

    I was so tempted to vote for Will Graves.
    Bonjour tristesse.


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      There is no reason we can’t compete physically inside with anyone. Perry and Gregg both look capable of providing good minutes and depth. That gives us a ton of fouls to take.

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        Holmgren: I just like how he plays the game, in all areas. He's a very complete player, and a 7 foot guard.
        I like how takes only 2 GIANT steps while dribbling the basketball from the top of the key and then DUNKS. We saw that at least 2 times and maybe 3. I love how he handles the ball.

        Go Zags!!!
        Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!