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    3P shooting will always look better after a great effort, but love the fact that the guys who take 84% of our threes (Bolton, Strawther, Nembhard, Holmgren, and Hickman) are shooting 39% and Nembhard is the worst at pretty respectable 36.4%. The team overall is 36% good for ~80th. That should open up the little a bit more in the interior. Timme, Gregg, Sallis, and Watson average under 25%, so they probably shouldn't be taking threes in close games.

    Amongst other top 20 teams, the leaders are:
    *Purdue is 4th at 40%
    *Michigan State 10th at 39.5%
    *tOSU 12th at 39.1%
    *UCLA 28th at 38%
    *Baylor 47th at 37%
    *Kansas 50th at 36.9%
    *Duke 60th 36.5%
    *GU 78th at 36%
    *Arizona 90th at 35.7%

    Note: I am comparing the latest Zags stats (just updated in ESPN) with all other programs on, so there will be some variation.


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      Wow, not sure if I have ever seen a more potent offensive display aginst a pretty good team. Andrew was the straw that stirred that drink all night.


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        I voted Strawther when I woke up before looking at stats. If I had I’d have gone with Nembhard #1 followed closely by Timme. I guess the hot start by Julian left the biggest impression that came to mind first when choosing but Timme and Andrew were phenomenal.


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          Down 7-0, in the opening minutes, Zags went on a 16-3 run. Strawberry scored 10 of those 16.
          I voted for him. He changed the game and set the tone that allowed the others to perform at such a high level.
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            Originally posted by IMADEYOUREADTHIS View Post
            Nembhard was a maestro
            + 10. Phenomenal game. He ran the offense to perfection and was a big reason for others success. He has my vote.
            America's Team!


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              Nembhard played like he wants to make my bold prediction for this season come true: lead nation in assists per game! Great shooting by all the Zags helps.

              I voted for Timme just because dude was 13-14 from the field and is almost getting overlooked it seems....but Nembhard deserves it.
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                Went with Nemby... masterful display.
                "And Morrison? He did what All-Americans do. He shot daggers in the daylight and stole a win." - Steve Kelley (Seattle Times)

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                  Originally posted by LongIslandZagFan View Post
                  Went with Nemby... masterful display.

                  Also, now....granted, I have not been on the board a ton over the last month so I may have been missing this....but I have ALSO been calling Nembhard 'Nemby' on my own this season. I thought I was the only one. Have you/others on the board been calling him that too?? I like it.
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