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BZ Bulldog of the Game: USF @ GU - 01. 20. 22

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    Originally posted by katman50 View Post
    Chet. His best game as a Zag. The young fellow seems to improve every game. Don't be deceived with his thin frame. The kid is tough as nails.
    Chet looked terrific last night and has made huge strides in playing physical on defense. He still has a lot of work to go strength-wise when it gets physical in the interior holding his position. Still though night and day if you watch his first couple of games and compare them to last nights game.

    Also really love Timme’s leadership on this team. He learned a lot from Kispert’s leadership last season and is now showing Pangos level influence over this team. Nemby is a very strong leader as well but Drew clearly has the entire teams respect. Even though he was off last night in the first half he still showed leadership in getting everyone on the same page.


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      I enjoy watching Chet play but I worry a great deal because he spends so much time on the floor, he doesn't have much padding to soften the take downs, we need to put some muscle on the kid, he is tough tho and handles it well!


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        Chet. Probably is his best game of the year and came when Timme just wasn't himself in the first half.

        Holmgrem is sneaky tough and resilient, and just doesn't back down. Those characteristics can't be taught.


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          If the old cliche, "Writing checks that your body can't cash" is a thing, I expect Chet to be able to cash those checks more and more with each passing game.


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            Voted for Chet. Really seems like he’s starting to find his stride. Great stroke from beyond the arc.
            Watson was a close second. Defense, the nice 3 from beyond the arc & just simply his passing….his improvement and impact has been awesome
            Timme - great second half. Seem to force a few shots early 1st half, but smart players adjust and that’s what he did in the 2nd half.
            Nembhard - no doubt he’s a difference maker when running the offense. Security blanket. When he was in foul trouble, it did worry me a bit.
            Strawther - maybe not one of his best shooting nights, but there was one rebound he just got after and ripped it down. He was not going to be denied, and of course the zags took advantage w/ a fast break to score on the other end….

            Great to see the Zags get a bit of a test. USF played very well and will get the Zags a run at War Mem..


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              Chet the jet.....sometimes you need a guy who can do what nobody else can.

     LEAGUE matetial...Great player....SF is a tough team....and the coach could double as the waterboy...he looks so young. Actually, their coach is doing an OUTSTANDING job.