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Ella Hopkins Verbals to GU for 2023

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  • Ella Hopkins Verbals to GU for 2023

    "Hopkins is the kind of talent that college coaches covet these days. That is, an excellent 3-pointer shooter for her size and also strong and tall enough to take her game down low.

    Hopkins averaged 14 points and seven rebounds per game for Lourdes last season, when it finished 21-9 and reached the state tournament."

    Lourdes' basketball star Hopkins picks Gonzaga - Post Bulletin | Rochester Minnesota news, weather, sports
    "Kids come here to better their own lives, not ours. If you take a player’s failures as a personal affront…. check yourself." - Chick-Stratino'sUrDaddy

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    Did anybody else notice this in the write-up on Ella?

    "They usually win their West Coast Conference, go to the NCAA Tournament and have a good showing," said Hopkins, who was offered on Sunday as a preferred walk-on with hopes of eventually earning a scholarship.
    I know the Zag Mbb somewhat frequently offers a student or two preferred walk-on status but when was the last time the Lady Zags offered somebody preferred walk-on status?



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      Good catch ZD…

      If true, the question would be why? Watching her highlight films, she seems like a player that fits. Maybe coming to GU because of mom and dad?
      Is GU saving their scholarships for portal players?
      I guess time will tell.
      October 15th is just a couple of weeks away… chance to see what we have for 22/23.

      Go Zags!!


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        Zag Mbb use preferred walk-ons as practice players to fill out their squad. The Lady Zags use former male HS basketball players to practice against because they are typically bigger, stronger and faster than the typical female player. Most of the top D-1 lady Wbb teams practice against male players and have been for quite a while.

        Assuming the article wording is correct, my thought is Ella is not good enough (at this time) to offer a scholarship to Gonzaga, but she has some of the qualities that Coach Fortier looks for in her scholarship players (height, 3-point range and good student). Ella gets to go to the school she always dreamed of going to, the one her brother currently attends and the one her parents attended as well as getting to continue her basketball career. GU gets a player who has some height and shooting skills who could develop into a very nice addition to the team.

        It is a win-win for both sides.

        Welcome to Gonzaga Ella.