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NCAA Won't Mandate Uniform Return to College Sports

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    MLB Executive 8 member board is led by Max Scherzer who has a 7 year contract for 30 Million dollars a year and the influence of money hungry Scott Boras who cares nothing about the little guy he has all the multi millionaires as his clients. Scherzer does not care about playing baseball or the little guys in MLB player. Scherzer just like Scott Boras does not need MLB to play this year, I mean don't you have enough millions to last 1000 lifetimes Max. Elvis Andrus also has 8 year contract for 120 million dollars. James Paxton should want to play this year he has a one year contract for 12.5 million dollars. Andrew Miller has a 2 year contract for 25 million dollars. Chris Iannetta does not care if MLB plays this year because he is on a minor league contract. Cory Gearrin has a one million dollar contract for this year only. Colin McHugh is on a one year contract for $600,000 dollars, Daniel Murphy who is perhaps the only member of this MLB player executive committee who loves and wants to play baseball is making 8 million dollars this year.

    Word is 7 of the 8 members of the executive players committee is currently voting 7-1 against playing 60 MLB games this year. Clearly the sole player according to news source that has voted to play baseball is Daniel Murphy.

    Note all these 8 players have played for many years and all are millionaires. Despite that MLB has made them millionaires they don't want to play 60 MLB games this year when that is all their is time for. Sadly only MLB fans love the game. MLB executive committee 7 out of 8 players sadly no longer have love of the game.

    Years in MLB Chris Iannetta 14 years, Andrew Miller 14 years, Max Scherzer 12 years, Elvis Andrus 11 years, Cory Gearrin 11 years, Daniel Murphy 11 years, Colin McHugh 8 years, James Paxton 7 years.

    So these guys have been making millions for many years playing on the big stage in Major League Baseball. So they made their millions, andthey don't care about the guys just starting out in the MLB. Other than Daniel Murphy who wants to play MLB, the rest just want sit on their millions at home and do not care to play MLB this year.

    Thats why the Zags are so great because they love their fans as much as we love them. MLB players have no love for their fans, they simply don't care.
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      Well MLB had to close all their spring training complexs in Arizona and Florida (which where they all are), because of the massive new cases in Florida and Arizona. The whole south is going way up in cases North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, etc. Maybe now MLB players and owners finally might realize we are in a Covid-19 pandemic, maybe we should stop arguing over money (greed Billionaires and Millionaires) and maybe our first priority might want to focus on his health issues.

      Looking down the line its already end of June, so July is just around the corner. Young people age 20-30 are now the rising percentage of new cases nation wide. Well today one guy who had just returned to church last week, showed up with a mask on today, so that made 2 of us wearing mask out of the 25 people. Our minister is holding vacation bible school June 22-26, again he made known his policy that he did not think masks were necessary so sad. Some parents, ministers, those in leadership positions with poor judgement endanger others. Today I moved pews after two women sat right behind me in church no mask of course and one was coughing up a storm.

      All professional team sports MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA are having a harder time coming back than they thought a week ago. For one thing all their bubble plans in Florida no longer looking like a great idea now. I'm crossing my fingers that the Lady Zags Seniors are able to play their final year. Having fans in the stands should be the least of their worries right now, it should all be about health and welfare of our players. Hopefully Gonzaga leaders will have their act together, they will have had six months to prepare when September school year starts.


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        So MLB and the players now are going to play 60 games after the players agreed to report to resume spring training on 1 July, the shortened season is going to start 24 July. Both sides have agreed to health and safety protocols. So MLB will be the first major sport to resume. All the Spring training sites in Florida and Arizona had been closed for deep cleaning after the outbreaks in those states. MLB had encouraged all teams to start spring training in their home states, Major League Park. However this could cause problems also because only one baseball field. Some teams that have massive facilities in Arizona and Florida still might be pondering to return to their spring training facilities which offer more playing facilities. Its still unclear if teams have a choice in the matter, or will home town teams elect to spread their teams around and use their minor league teams facilities in different states or in different parts of their states. Now we will see have they have enough discipline, health protocols to play thru Covid-19.

        WNBA and NBA individual players are opting out on season this year, for various reasons not just health. NFL is having a hard time to practice and of course is the most contact sport, with the largest teams so they will be fighting a up hill battle.

        Again ages in 20s and 30s seem to have positive cases skyrocketing. Spokane had our 2nd highest number of positive cases today 53. Previously it was 55 which also came under phase 2. Governor Inslee said today he is making it law that unless you wear a mask you can't get inside a business, which is great. But as I seen by my church some think they are above the law. Don't plan on seeing Phase 3 anytime soon for Spokane.


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          more testing equals more cases....number of deaths is way down.....of course we'll see more cases....we are testing people that without the contact tracing, would never have come in to get tested in the first place...


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            Sylean, to my mind that seems to be a good thing. Always better to know where we stand so we get a picture based on facts, not fear or biases.


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              Originally posted by sylean View Post
              more testing equals more cases....number of deaths is way down.....of course we'll see more cases....we are testing people that without the contact tracing, would never have come in to get tested in the first place...

              Nope. If that were true, we'd see a falling percentage of tests as positive. We are not. And we are now up to ~ .5million tests/day.

              Over the last 10 days we have been both conducting more tests than ever and yet simultaneously seeing a steadily higher percent of those (more daily) tests as positive ones. Here's Johns Hopkins today:


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                Coming out of the forest, for a moment.

                With freedom comes responsibility. Obviously, there is a significant portion of the Spokane population that refuses to wear a mask in public and businesses who pay lip service to the state guidelines by posting signs requiring the use of a mask but not enforcing the requirement.

                Yes, we needed to open up to get the businesses open, but way too many people are not taking it seriously. Like I said a few pages ago, the spread of Convid-19 is not going to be spread by the most vulnerable, it is going to be spread by the people who are least concerned about the virus. People, particularly in the 20-40 year age range. Time has shown me to be correct.

                People want to try and blame the surge in positive tests on more testing, but, as LtownZag has shown above, the rate of positive tests is increasing.

                Since people and businesses refuse to take this seriously, Gov. Inslee has issued the following new regulations today.

                Gov. Jay Inslee announced a statewide public health order for residents to wear face coverings in public settings and businesses to require masks in their premises for employees and customers.

                The order, from Washington Health Secretary John Wiesman, includes everyone over 5 years old, with an exception for the deaf or hard of hearing while communicating with someone else and those who have a medical condition that makes wearing a mask difficult. Children 3 to 5 years old are recommended but not required to wear face coverings and those 2 and under should not wear face coverings.

                The mask should fit snugly around the mouth and nose, said Wiesman, who added he sometimes sees people with masks covering their mouth, but not their nose.

                “We simply have to take these different measures right now,” he said.
                The problem is us and the solution is us. Hopefully, people and businesses will realize that things will not go back to normal, until we, as a group, starting taking this convid-19 seriously, once again.

                Many were hopeful that we would be in Phase 3 in July and Phase 4 in August. I see Phase 3 fading into the distance with little hope that Spokane will be in Phase 3 before the school starts in the fall.

                Stay safe everyone,



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                  Florida had 5,511, Texas 6,177, California 4,940 new cases today Covid-19. Also California reported 95 new deaths and Arizona 79 new deaths covid-19.

                  Looks like MLB clubs will be steering clear of Florida and Arizona and staying in their own stadiums for resuming Spring training 1 July. For instance the Mariners have said they will return to T-mobile park in Seattle on 1 July. The Detroit Tigers who were one of the clubs pondering a return to Florida, have wisely decided to return to Comerica Park in Detroit. The Tigers said they would workout their players in three different groups one in the morning, afternoon, and evening. One new wrinkle is regular season extra innings games will start with a runner on second.

                  How does this relate to the Zags. Well most of the Zags opponents in the WCC are from California. Also The men Zags basketball team is slated to play a tournament in Arizona.
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                    Very well said ZagDad84. Thank you


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                      I probably shouldn’t... but I’m going the other way.

                      First off, I don’t disagree with what has been said except... the word Normal. Not sure what that will be. But for me, it is up to us to accept that this is a virus much like all the other viruses that are around us everyday. Can you wonder what it would be like if we followed all viruses... the way we are civid-19?

                      From the chart above 5% of thoughs tested are positive... that means 95% are NOT. Of thoughs that are tested positive, 99% fully recover.

                      If you test 10,000 people... that would mean 500 test positive... that means 495 fully recover which = we are at a rate of 5 people out of 10,000 that will not survive.

                      In Spokane County we have lost 37 people out of 523,000.
                      No one under 50 years of age has lost their lives.

                      I heard the other day that the reason that more people are testing positive is that people are going back to work... that they are being tested even though they have no effects....

                      Something to keep an eye on... Kootenai County. They are open for business and if you go over there as I have, you can see what NORMAL looks like.

                      Be safe!!

                      Go Zags!!


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                        Texas 5,266, Florida 5,004, California 3,155 new cases today.

                        Governor Inslee said today our hospitalization in Spokane has doubled this week, sounds about right going from around 7 to 14. He also said models show its going to double again, unless we do something to change that. I am not a fan of bars supposedly their not suppose to be open until phase 3, but bars are open saying they serve food. Dr. Lutz reported 21 of the new cases have come from one bar. Listened to one sports show today from Florida who said they have a testing site down the block from them that had no one coming a few weeks ago, now they have lines of people down the the street waiting to get tested.

                        As for Sports I thinks MLB still is the sport to follow in hoping to achieve success in getting going. WNBA and NBA playing in one of the worst hot spots for Covid-19, odds are stacked against them.

                        We (Spokane County) are just trying to stay in phase 2 and not backtrack. If every one starts wearing masks like we are suppose to in public buildings, businesses, then we will stay in phase 2 and hopefully get to phase 3 before the end of July.


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                          Originally posted by SkipZag View Post
                          Something to keep an eye on... Kootenai County. They are open for business and if you go over there as I have, you can see what NORMAL looks like.

                          Be safe!!

                          Go Zags!!
                          Except that yesterday Kootenai County had their highest single day total of new cases.

                          About 50% of Spokane County's Covid-19 cases have occurred since they went to Phase 2 (about 3 weeks).

                          Yes I know people are not dying at a high rate and our number of hospitalizations have been low (until recently). But if cases from Coyote Ridge and Yakima County start to get sent to Spokane that could change very quickly.

                          If you want to get to Phase 3, it is not just the number of people hospitalized or the number of deaths, it is also the rate of new infections and right now, we are nowhere near the rate required to go to Phase 3.

                          I hope your right Skip, but based on the protests and refusals to follow Gov. Inslee's must wear a mask mandate that are already being demonstrated (and the mandate does not take affect until tomorrow), I have little faith that the last 10-20% of the population will follow the mandate and Phase 2 will drag on until people and businesses are held accountable for enforcing the mandate.

                          Hope I am proved wrong,



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                            Originally posted by ZAGS ATTACK BASKET View Post
                            Texas 5,266, Florida 5,004, California 3,155 new cases today.
                            A couple of days ago, I was reading an article about Covid-19 and the article contained a picture of a pier in So Cal which was packed, like you would expect during the summer if nothing was going on. I looked at the picture pretty closely and could not find 5 people wearing a mask.

                            As long as people continue to think they are invincible the Covid-19 will continue to expand.

                            Zab, did you hear about the Church in NE Oregon in Union County?

                            A church in rural northeastern Oregon is now the epicenter of the state's largest coronavirus outbreak, as 236 people tested positive for the disease, authorities said Tuesday. The Observer newspaper of La Grande reported that the church held services in April and May even though Oregon COVID-19 restrictions limited gatherings. Also, The Observer reported the facility recently held a wedding and a graduation ceremony, each with more than 100 people.

                            A video deleted from the church's Facebook page earlier this month reportedly showed several hundred congregation members standing close together while attending a service on May 24, according to The Oregonian.

                            The health authority and county officials teamed up with the church over the weekend to hold a clinic where 356 people were tested for the virus — 66% tested positive for coronavirus, officials reported.

                            Prior to the outbreak, the county had less than 25 cases during the pandemic.

                            I don't know who is worse, the minister for holding services and not enforcing social distancing guidelines or the members of the congregation who attended the services and refused to follow the social distancing guidelines. Who I really feel sorry for are those innocents infected by the parishioners who could not be bothered to follow the social distancing guidelines.

                            It only takes one church, bar, restaurant, etc. and the number of positive cases of Covid-19 will have the opportunity to rise significantly.



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                              And here in the City of Spokane:

                              Two dozen new COVID-19 cases linked to Borracho Tacos & Tequileria.

                              SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Regional Health District reports that 24 new cases of COVID-19 have been directly linked back to Borracho Tacos & Tequileria.

                              This comes as bars and restaurants have opened back up to the public in Phase 2.

                              According to the Health District, all the cases were likely contracted within the last two weekends. Only one of the infected people is an employee, and the others were in the 19-29 age demographic, and some did not show any symptoms of the coronavirus.

                              “We understand that many of us crave meeting up with our friends at our favorite hang-outs,” said Dr. Lutz. “We can have those social connections, but it’s vital we socialize while also maintaining the required health measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community.”

                              Dr. Lutz said the restaurant/bar was clearly not observing social distancing and mask measures, which likely led to the spread.



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                                for those not in the Spokane area, local Indian casinos all opened about 3 weeks in Idaho opened with temp taking and requiring everyone to wear a mask, at least initially....the other Northern Quest, demanded no masks at all....Northern Quest btw is a major booster for the Zags....

                                makes you go hmmmm.....