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NCAA Won't Mandate Uniform Return to College Sports

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  • NCAA Won't Mandate Uniform Return to College Sports

    From ESPN:

    NCAA won't mandate uniform return to college sports, Mark Emmert says
    Heather Dinich
    ESPN Senior Writer
    May 12, 2020

    The NCAA won't mandate or oversee a uniform return to college sports, NCAA president Mark Emmert said Tuesday, leaving decisions on start dates to state officials and university presidents.

    College athletics came to a halt in mid-March, when the NCAA canceled the men's and women's basketball tournaments along with all remaining winter and spring championships, because of the evolving threat of the coronavirus pandemic. There is still no timetable for a return, and Emmert said it isn't the NCAA's role to determine one in this instance.

    "Normally, there's an agreed-upon start date for every sport, every season," Emmert told ESPN, "but under these circumstances, now that's all been derailed by the pandemic. It won't be the conferences that can do that either. It will be the local and state health officials that say whether or not you can open and play football with fans.

    "We already saw the Oregon governor offering her views on what's likely to happen in September. The Pac-12 can say, 'Gee, we'd all like to open up on this date,' but whether or not you can is going to be ultimately up to the state and local health officials and the campus itself making a decision whether or not they want to go forward."

    Earlier Tuesday, several Pac-12 football coaches expressed support for an NCAA-mandated uniform start to the season while on a video conference call with reporters. This followed Penn State coach James Franklin's comments last week that it would be helpful for the NCAA to give some national guidelines in addition to what each state and university determines.

    Washington coach Jimmy Lake said Tuesday that he would prefer for all major college teams to begin six weeks of preparation for the season at the same time.

    "I'm of the opinion it would be great if the NCAA made a blanket rule for the whole nation of when we would start, and I understand some states may be less hit by this than most. And I'm sure there's going to be some different opinions on this," Lake said. "In my opinion, I believe the NCAA should step in and say, 'OK, here's the date when everybody can start.'"

    The Pac-12, however, issued a statement Wednesday saying its member universities would make their own determinations on when student-athletes can return to play and when and how campuses will reopen to students.

    "Every day we are learning new and important information that will inform our decisions, and we believe that there is a great benefit to having as much relevant data as possible before making such decisions," the Pac-12 statement said.

    Colorado coach Karl Dorrell and Utah's Kyle Whittingham also backed Lake's pitch, but Emmert's latest comments and the Pac-12 statement appeared to throw water on that idea
    "These are localized decisions," Emmert said Tuesday. "Local campuses have to decide: Are we opening up, and are we bringing students back to play sports? The NCAA doesn't mandate that, nor should it. The schools themselves have to make those choices."

    Emmert said the NCAA's decision-making model during the pandemic is similar to that of the federal, state and local governments and that the NCAA's role is to "provide guidance and support." The NCAA in March established a COVID-19 advisory panel of leading medical, public health and epidemiology experts and NCAA member schools to guide its response to the outbreak of the coronavirus. NCAA chief medical officer Dr. Brian Hainline leads the group.

    "Brian and his committee will advise institutions as best they can, but it's advice," Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said. "They can't mandate when we go back or determine exactly when that happens. They can just give us the best advice they can provide, based upon scientists and medical information."

    The one championship the NCAA doesn't oversee is that of college football, which determines its winner through the College Football Playoff. Bowlsby told ESPN that the Football Oversight Committee could play a role in helping determine a start date.

    "The Football Oversight Committee will have a role in putting a date on the calendar eventually, to say you can start some sort of return to play on this date, but that may be on three days' notice," Bowlsby said. "It may be on two weeks' notice. It may be more than that. It's a constantly evolving environment, and forecasting around it is a fool's errand."

    Emmert said he has a formal call with all 32 Division I commissioners at least once a week, and he talks to individual commissioners daily. He said his staff and the NCAA's member institutions are prepared to change any necessary legislation quickly to adapt to potential scheduling or rules changes prompted by the pandemic.

    "Where we have direct control is of course over our championships, all 90 of those championships, and we'll make sure those are conducted in a way that's first and foremost safe for the students, for coaches, for fans, however that plays out," he said. "We'll support the conferences who make the decisions with the schools about what the conference schedules are going to look like, make whatever adjustments need to be made in the rules, to move seasons around so that we can accommodate all of the needs that are going to be popping up right now and recognizing this is going to play out in different ways in different parts of the country."
    Article Link with Sport Reporter discussion:


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    well of course colleges/universities exist first and foremost for educational purposes; athletics does not run the show technically, so of course its up to the individual entities to decide IF or WHEN they allow their students to participate in athletics...

    mostly I think Emmert's statement is a CYA move.....legally the NCAA does not want to get involved in order not to be sued at any point...

    I say,play already....


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      I think with the way things are going in California and with seven schools in the WCC in California, I hope I’m wrong, but it could be a short late season if at all. I hope GU is looking at ways to make an out of conference schedule that could continue thru at least the first half of the conference schedule.

      Hope for the best... our kids deserve a life...

      Go Zags!!


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        we have to trust Mike Roth and the coaches....I can't see them forfeiting a season and it was bad enough the seniors lost out on a championship run.....

        I was just at Fred Meyer on the northside....packed!


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          Originally posted by sylean View Post
          we have to trust Mike Roth and the coaches....I can't see them forfeiting a season and it was bad enough the seniors lost out on a championship run.....

          I was just at Fred Meyer on the northside....packed!
          I do think sports will happen. How they happen may well be unlike what we are used to. I think that schools will make every effort to have competition of some sort happen.
          'I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.'
          - Gandalf the Grey


          Foo Time


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            As Skip stated we have numerous schools in our conference from California. So Mr. Roth has to think outside the box about slating games with schools less strict more wide open area and less issues IE Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon etc. I would have a back up plan in place to replace all California games with non conference schedule. I'm sure their will be other schools with the same problem of having to perhaps replace California opponents. I'm sure the Zags can have classes starting in September, just having students in class set up 6 feet apart, and have them all wear masks.

            Would expect no fans inside the Kennel. Heavy populated cities and states like New York, New Jersey, California, may not have college on campus and cancel their basketball seasons. So all conferences must be flexible. Obviously basketball is a contact sport so their will have to testing on players, referees, etc. So yes until things get more controlled empty Kennel to start season very likely.

            Thats why everyone should be watching MLB, NBA, NFL. They will provide a good rule book on how to negotiate playing games before our Zags Basketball schedule comes around.

            Good news Is Spokane seems to have a good handle on Covid-19. Only thing slowing us down is Governor Inslee treating Spokane County unfair not giving us guidelines that can be met to speed up our phases. Insee did not set guidelines for Counties for over 75,000 people. Spokane has over 500,000 people and our data has been good. Inslee wants to treat all the big counties like King County. Mayor Woodward of Spokane is not giving up trying to to get Governor Inslee not to treat us as strict as King County.

            Feeling confident our lady Zags will be playing a full schedule, just perhaps different opponents as we normally play. Perhaps playing before no fans at start of season, or limited fans later in season.

            I envision just like MLB players of games, Zags players will sit in stands staying at least 6 feet apart. Those on the bench coach perhaps will be required to stay six feet apart. Players will be required to wear facemarks, except when on the floor when playing. Their will be no high fives, fist bumps allowed, or hugging. Players lockers should be 6 feet apart. Their will be no showering in lockers room. Players would have to shower at home. While on the road Zags should reserve rooms on first floor or as low as possible and use the stairs, avoiding having to use the elevators.

            Players and staff will be required to have temperature checks twice per day before coming to the Kennel. If a player test positive they will be required to quarantine, until they test negative twice on consecutive days. Then that player would have to be approved by the teams medical staff to resume play. Not using public restaurants, not using swimming pools, sauna, steamroll, hydro therapy pools.

            All Zag students should have temperature checks prior to entering classroom. All players need to protect them selfs outside of the Kennel and be responsible, just like we are today. Actions of one careless player can endanger the rest of the players.
            Buffet style and communal food spreads would be prohibited.
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              Just so everyone knows. As of now these are the only schools in California that have closed for the fall. Not all California schools.

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                Yes as of right now that I know of no Ca. teams in the WCC have canceled their fall on campus semester yet. Somethings contradict each other and are open to speculation. Such as hopefully we start Phase 2 by 1 June, Phase 3 by 1 July, Phase 4 in August sometime. That opens the door for school etc in September for Washington. But its going to be a new normal still with social distancing. And until a vaccine is discovered we are more than likely going to have to work with that new normal.

                Spokane, Wa. is moving in the right direction, thats a big positive. Now if we just can get Governor Inslee to realize West of the Mountains the counties are the problem area, East of the Mountains Spokane County has has single digit new cases since 25 April. Also since 25 April we had 5 days with 1 new hospitalzation and rest of the days 0. For a county of 514,000 thats quite impressive.

                Another thing to consider nursing homes are a particular dangerous area to be living. Our hot spot has been Spokane Veterans Home 46 residents have tested positive, 9 residents have died, 24 staff have tested positive. Women Zag fans are mostly elderly citizens that are most high risk, and susceptible to being fatilities of the Covid-19.
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                  Thanks Fooot...

                  I had heard that California was closing their Universities but didn’t know it that took in the privates. I see the PAC-12s are still not listed. If the WCCs stay open... hopefully things will start to get back to normal by winter and the conference season.

                  Keep your fingers crossed... for the kids.

                  Go Zags!!


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                    Such as hopefully we start Phase 2 by 1 June, Phase 3 by 1 July, Phase 4 in August sometime. That opens the door for school etc in September for Washington. But its going to be a new normal still with social distancing. And until a vaccine is discovered we are more than likely going to have to work with that new normal.
                    What is going to determine how soon we get to Phase 3 and Phase 4 is how diligent the Spokane Residents and the Phase 2 businesses adhere to the social distancing guidelines. Most of the grocery stores have done a great job protecting their employees, single direction aisles, plexiglass partitions from the cashiers, etc. My concern is that as more businesses come on line the social distancing guidelines will not be adhered to. The bicycle store highlighted in the news had no employees wearing masks, nobody maintaining 6' distance, and on and on. No social distancing guidelines being maintained at all. Airlines claim to maintain the middle seat will be open, not. If they can sell the seat they will.

                    Nobody wants to operate at 50% capacity (and often it is not cost effective), so I have little hope that the proprietors will consistently maintain the nobody at the bar, 5 people or less at a table, 6' between tables, policies and the result will be that Spokane will see exactly what is going on in Texas right now, the largest increases in day to day infection rates since the pandemic began.

                    It only takes a relatively small percentage rate of non-believers to turn all the work the Spokane area has attained around and set us back to the starting line. It seems that every day or every other day the Spokesman-Review has somebody writing a letter to the editor stating the pandemic is a farce or a myth propagated by (pick your choice of scapegoat here). How many people in the two (2) recent marches to City Hall were practicing social distancing guidelines? How many of these protestors do you think will practice social distancing guidelines when their businesses are finally approved to open (which I agree with by the way)?

                    We have met the enemy, and it is us. I have little faith that when the community opens up that social distancing will properly applied across the board. We have the ability within us to continue to move forward and unfortunately we also have the ability to backslide. Time will tell, which path Spokane takes.

                    Stay healthy everyone,



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                      Nascar and golf bringing live sports back to TV, albeit with no fans and with some changes from normal operations, but some Sports are back.



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                        I have a positive feeling...

                        It’s been a few months now and we are down to just 3 people out of a half a million in Spokane county in the hospital. We have done pretty good. I live in the country... so coming to town last week was interesting for me. Lowes... maybe one out of five wearing face masks. That being said, folk were aware of their distance from each other. Summer is near with the flu/cold season almost behind us. If we keep up our cleaning and distancing... I think we will be fine. Covid 19 like other viruses will always be around. It’s time to move on and as I have said... start allowing our kids to get back to living. I have five grandkids that are in high school... they have missed a lot. It has been a learning experience... two are seniors. It’s time to think about them... and while being careful, we need to not forget about what they are missing out on.

                        That’s why it is time to get back to living... we did good.

                        Be safe...

                        Go Zags!!


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                          people need to start getting out and about and start living....there has been no surge of cases and the hospitals are empty....if the "goal" was to "flatten the curve" so the health sector wouldn't be overrun, well, been there, done that.


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                            I have no problem with getting out, living, etc., I am all for it. I myself am a small business owner.

                            I have been taking the money, that is not being spent on driving and going out, etc. to purchasing to go meals, supporting our local restaurants.

                            We have seen what opening to early and/or not enforcing social distancing guidelines does to the infection rate. We have been shown what not to do by other States. Can, and more importantly, will, we take the knowledge we have learned from others and apply it to our situation. Or do we really think we are different and repeat the same mistakes made by others?

                            However, if you think today is bad, having to reset back to square one, would be even worse.

                            Hopefully yes, but I am not sold, that the embattled few will not overcome the best intentions of the rest of us.



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                              When March Madness was canceled, I remember an interview with Geno.

                              He said, he was frustrated, mad at what his seniors (and him) were going to miss, the memories that were not going to be made. It was a terrible way for his seniors to go out and not have a chance to experience a normal, senior exit.

                              Then he said no matter what you did to protect your team, you would have security guards, referees, food service people, etc. and it is those people and their actions which are entirely out of your hands. If somehow, someone on your team (players, staff, etc.) got infected and passed it along to their siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. and that person passed away, that life would be on their hands for life. Nobody associated with the team would ever forget that experience. All for just a basketball game.

                              Yes, the percentage is low (very low) that somebody you know, somebody you love, will get infected and possibly not make it. However, if it is your family that is impacted, you would likely have a very, very different opinion on whether we should be opening up.

                              It is a very fine line the politicians have to walk between opening up the economy and the maintaining the health of their constituents and no matter which way they go, whenever something goes wrong, it will be the politicians fault. This is a no win situation.

                              With three kids on the front lines, I perhaps a little more skeptical than most. I am all for a limited opening up for all businesses as long as they maintain the appropriate social distancing requirements and I will continue to support those businesses with my dollars. On the other hand, I am also for spot checking a variety of businesses for their compliance with the social distancing guidelines. First violation I would issue a warning, second violation, I would have the health department pull their business license no exceptions.

                              Just my opinion, to protect the public safety.