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    San Diego's defense continues to be a powerhouse in NCAA Division I.

    San Diego is currently third in turnovers forced, second in steals per game and sixth in turnover margin. The Toreros have rarely dipped below the top 10 in any of these categories throughout the 2020-21 campaign.

    Edwards is also among the country's elite defenders, ranking 10th in steals per game and 17th in total steals on the season.

    San Diego might be the most under rated team in the WCC. They have competed well the last 2 years. Last year they played in the WCC Championship game and lost by a point in OT.

    San Diego might be the only team in the WCC that has as deep of a bench as the Zags.

    Lets look at the San Diego players:

    #10 Pace (5'11") averaging 12 points, 4.5 rebounds. Trending up last 3 games has scored 15, 20, and 22 points.

    #23 Edwards (5'8") averaging 10.8 points. Has 62 assists and 50 steals. 18-49 on 3 point attempts.

    #32 Hunter (6'0') averaging 8.7 points, 6 rebounds.

    #30 Bird (6'2") Averaging 7.5 points, 4.1 rebounds.

    #4 Gorman (6'0") Averaging 7.4 points. 21-55 on 3 point attempts.

    #20 Martinsen (5'9") Averaging 6.5 points. 27-67 on 3 point attempts.

    #11 Erikstrud (6'2") Averaging 5.9 points.

    #5 Khalfani (5'11") Averaging 5.1 points

    #0 Oakry (5'10") Averaging 4.7 points.

    #33 Olinger (6'3")

    So their is 3 shooters that Zags need to guard closely at the 3 point line #20, #23, and #4.

    San Diego is the other team that beat BYU in the WCC this year.
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    San Diego is the "BULLY" team...... they continually body up opposition and most frequently use their HANDS TO PUSH opponents out of their way. Their less skilled players do it continually, especially in 'dead ball' plays on in from out of bounds plays. Down the stretch in the last UOP game, Randhawa was leveled on a Pacific in-bounds play, but the ref caught it! She sank both FT's (8-10 and 19 points tying Higgins for team honors). This was the last 2 minutes of the game and it got a lot uglier ... They press and use their hands and body to jolt whomever has the ball; theory, the ref's will only call so many fouls in a game. They were ONLY WHISTLED FOR 21 vs Tigers. Twice as many were over-looked; Higgins was hammered on most of her moves under the basket and on steals for lay-ins... She did get to shoot FT's (7-8) but probably conservatively should have shot about 17! Pace and Edwards are skilled players... but even Edwards will push the limit on the press! #32 Sydney Hunter...... got 6 fouls in the Pacific game. With the score only two buckets apart and about 1 minute 30 seconds left ... Pacific held the ball, trying to break Higgins free..... suddenly the back Official blew his whistle and play stopped. After conferring with the two other ref's.... Higgins hit her final 2 FT's ....... courtesy of Hunter's mouth from the bench...way down the court! I am quite sure she did not say it was a FINE day....... This team and Pepperdine's are the worst in the WCC for sportsmanship. I do hope you bury them!

    P.S. Higgins and Rosie (F) for Pacific are about the same size as JT. Both were on the floor at least 3 to 4 times a piece, Rosie while missing a 'lay-up' and then pulverized from the side... No calls. I would worry about JT getting ambushed in this one! Beware of the "BULLS"

    Final was: UOP 66 San Diego 61 ..... but a fan could not enjoy such hand to hand combat!


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      Thanks for the info Kemo. Might be time for CLF to break out our secret weapon against San Diego Eliza Hollingsworth. Eliza really makes the most of her minutes. She is a big girl from Australia, and plays like a true big. Uses her height and long arms, and can jump, each time I see her I'm more impressed. Now all she needs is some more minutes on the court. San Diego would have a tough time pushing around Eliza.

      This week will test the Zags mental and physical toughness. Two tough games this week for the Lady Zags.


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        Thanks for the write-up Kemo.

        Forewarned is fore-armed.



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          Onward to San Diego.


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            Snap shot San Diego's game they won tonight here's they players who stepped up.

            #4 Gorman (6'0) was 4-9 on 3 pointers scored 19 points.

            #32 Hunter (6'0") was 6-9 FG, 15 points, 11 rebounds.

            #30 Bird(6'2") was 6-9 FG, scored 12 points.

            #10 Pace(5'11") scored 9 points, 8 rebounds.

            #33 Olinger (6'3") 5 rebounds, played 13 minutes.

            #20 Martinsen was 1-1 on 3 pointers.

            This team has just as much depth as the Zags you won't tire them out. In addition San Diego has the best defense we will face in the WCC.
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              Hope Jill, Leeanne, Abby, and Cierra are able to show up for the game. If not Troung twins could start in the back court. And we could start Jenn, Melody, and either Ejim or Eliza you know those hungry players. Sure start 3 bigs and 2 guards why not. Eliza is a great rebounder both on the offensive and defensive boards, but better yet she scores points on offensive rebounds, and holds the ball above her head so she don't get tied up, oh yeah Eliza is proficient at 3 point shooting also. Ejim I have only saw her make layups don't know if she has a jumper? Would be nice to see if she does.

              O yes when one of the Troung's gets tired we could bring Lilly off the bench to give one a rest, am sure she wants redemption to show she is the same player who looked good early in the season, before things went south for her.

              What happen to our four star recruit #57 Louise Forsth she use to come off 8th off the bench and make some 3 pointers occasional jump shot and layup. Then CLF shelved her on the bench for incoming transfer Abby Oconnor. Did Louise do any thing to deserve this or was this just another case of playing favorites? In this past game Louise could not have played worst than Jill, Abby, Cierra combined. Remember when Jill use to come off the bench 6th and make immediate impact every game. Have some of our starters become complacent because they know CLF never shakes things up.

              Is CLF a great recruiter but a bad developer of talent. Or does CLF hold talent back wasting it away. Remember Jill Barta and Zykera Rice. We all seen Jill was better than all the starters in the minutes she got as a freshmen, but it took a injury before CLF would start her and then the season was already lost was CLF being stubborn? Zykera we saw the talent and the hops very earlier on but again Zykera could not get enough minutes. Finally Zykera senior year we saw what we had been missing.

              What happen to Mckayla Williams four star recruit 72nd? She has saw no playing time hardly at all this year. Is this another example of CLF good recruiting but failure to develop players. Why is Yvonne Ejim not getting no minutes in big games, and buried on the bench? Then one has to wonder is their something else going on here is CLF be straight up fair IE Zykera, Yvonne, Mckayla verses Katie and Abby is this more than favoritism?

              Its hard to figure if your not a highly recruited prospect like Eliza but you look better than several bigs playing ahead of you i.e. Virjoghe do you not get minutes because CLF feels obligated to play all transfers. Wait a minute might have just hit the nail on the head CLF looks like she plays all her transfers no matter how they look, while leaving more talented players on the bench. Looks CLF feels more loyalty to her transfers than to other recruits wow shouldn't you play the best players and develop them?

              So if you ate a bad burrito or are have no pep feel free to sit this one out ladies, and let the hungry players show you how its done.

              Will CLF ever become a more flexible coach and one who can make game time adjustments?
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                San Diego Secures Sweep of Portland

                Hunter, Gorman and Bird lead USD to victory

                SAN DIEGO - San Diego women's basketball (12-5, 9-3 WCC) fired on all cylinders on Thursday night as the Toreros took down the Pilots (10-10, 7-7 WCC) 66-59 inside the Jenny Craig Pavilion. The victory secures the regular season sweep against Portland.

                The Toreros had three players score in double figures, led by guard Steph Gorman, who had 19 points. Sydney Hunter put together her second double-double of the year with 15 points and 11 rebounds, and Kendall Bird chipped in as well with 12 points.

                San Diego shared the ball well in Thursday's game, racking up 20 assists on 26 made field goals. Hunter's seven assists paced the Toreros.

                The San Diego defense did not let up against Portland, forcing 20 turnovers while committing 16. Those takeaways turned into 28 points on the other end of the floor as Edwards led the way individually for the Toreros with five steals.

                San Diego started off strong, putting together a 20-15 lead heading into the second quarter. Gorman came out swinging for USD, shooting 3-for-3 from the field and firing away from three to shoot 100 percent from beyond the arc. The Toreros did most of their first quarter damage in the paint, scoring 14 of its 20 points close to the basket.

                USD continued to add to its lead in the second, entering halftime with a 35-26 edge. The Toreros forced seven Portland turnovers in the quarter and turned them into seven points on th offensive side of the ball.

                The Pilots battled back after halftime, outscoring San Diego 16-11 in the third. The Toreros continued to work to gain momentum as Gorman and Horstmeyer chipped away to give the Toreros a 46-42 edge headed into the fourth. San Diego knocked down two three-pointers in the quarter to score six of its 11 total points.

                San Diego started tacking on points in the fourth almost immediately, going on a 7-0 run, finished off by layup from Hunter, to grow the lead to 53-42 with eight and a half to go in the contest. The Pilots narrowed the margin somewhat before the game was over, but the Toreros still cruised the rest of the way for the 66-59 win. San Diego took advantage of six Portland turnovers in the quarter, scoring 10 points off of those takeaways.

                San Diego will play the Gonzaga next who did not look like a top 25 team in their loss to BYU on Thursday. Gonzaga have been reported to playing rather lethargic ball the last few games.

                This will be San Diego's only televised game of the year upcoming against Gonzaga.
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                  Today thinking back about the much maligned Jill Barta. CLF led the charge on this saying she was one dimensional. But at 6'3" I don't remember anyone getting the better of her in the WCC. Heck she didn't even play her Senior year and she was a winner.
                  Well she was a offensive machine, she had lots of rebounds, lots of steals, was one of the best free throw shooters around consistently, she was very accurate from 3 point range including some real long range bombs. The straw that broke the camels back after Jill Barta carried her team to the WCC championship. CLF had this to say about Jill Barta yeah we try to get her to do 2 out of 3 things. Rather than laying accolades on Jill for bringing her the WCC championship she was discing the player that gave it to her, while assuming credit for the victory herself. But this is CLF way giving glowing praise to players like Niles and Katie, but others she disparages. When the 2nd best player in Lady Zags history you can't find something to say good about and she was a winner mmm something wrong. Jill Barta led the Zags to WCC championships in 2017 scoring 37 points,making 8-8 free throws against SMC. Jill Barta led the Zags to another WCC championship in 2018 was 10-10 free throws against USD. Note these are the only 2 WCC Championships that CLF has won also. You would think you would want to give your star player credit wouldn't you, instead of taking credit yourself. Another demeaning thing that CLF still does to include this year is she often says about her players she reminds me of Jill Barta. Give me a break no one resembles Jill Barta stop diminishing her for pete's sake.

                  But what I like best about Jill Barta as only a Sophomore and Junior we new we would win the WCC Championship, she just refused to let us lose it. Now every year we usually win the WCC Conference, but the WCC tournament is helter skelter for us. I appreciate consistency, and their was no one more consistent that Jill Barta from game one in the WCC to the WCC Championship. That takes discipline to always bring your A game every game it takes sacrifice. She gave it her all and had nothing more to give so she just moved on, but she left nothing on the table. She did her best and maxed out her potential and went out like a shooting star.

                  Another player comes to mind in terms of growth from one year to the next. Zykera Rice took a humongous jump from her Junior year to Senior year, she let it all out. Since she graduated I have saw all the Juniors that turn to Seniors just maintain their game, but not have huge improvements. Think of it like High School by the time your a Senior your suppose to become more dominant than your previous years. Just food for thought.

                  Was it just me or did the Zag players look miserable last night the whole game never saw no smiles. Seems to me also a lot of friction on this team lately. Cierra and Jill never seemed to ever find or set up each other for a open shot. Noticed towards the end of the game on a inbounds player, Jill barked back over her shoulder to whom I assume was CLF barking out freaked out instructions. Of course if I was Jill or CLF they should both have been disgusted by their own performances last night no one else to blame but themselves.

                  Message to Lady Zags you can stop following the polls now. This does not look like a top 25 team. Only way to prove other wise win the rest of your games, then the WCC Tournament, then your 1st game in the NCAA tournament game. Get your act together CLF and Lady Zags. MBB Zags and coach look like cohesive team enjoying each other, working together to achieve goals while having fun. LBB Zags and coach look dysfunctional, miserable, not having fun.

                  So is this years Lady Zags team overrated or are they underperforming? Will the story on this years seniors take a upper projectory or will this just be another year of disappointments. Will their be seniors that graduate never having been on the court in a NCAA tournament victory?
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                    More thought on San Diego this should not be a close game we have enough talent on this team to field two different starting lineups. We have tons of bigs who should be able to double this team in rebounds and points in the paint. We have a embarrassment of riches on the big side. Jenn, Leeanne, Melody, Eliza, Yvonne.

                    Its time to be flexible CLF get out of your comfort zone shake things up.

                    If some one gets hot this game enjoy and leave them on the floor until they cool down. If 4 out 5 players on the floor aren't doing squat replace them.


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                      Just saw that Zags game against San Diego 2:00 PM today, is on TV by us on Root Sports.


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                        JT with Laura Stockton type foul throws the ball to opposing team, then goes down to the other end and fouls out of frustration. Thats poor mental decision making it a triple bad whammy 3rd foul now you sit on bench. It would be ok to make a stupid mistake on one end without running down in frustration getting a stupid foul on the other end, forgetting you already have 2 fouls. JT you need to keep your head in the game at all time and always be thinking. Common Girl get it together, have your thinking cap on for a full 4 quarters. A big part of this game is mental, always have to be thinking.

                        JT can't help your team sitting on the sidelines. Good thing San Diego has 2 starters out this game.
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                          Single digit game now wheres JT oh yeah on the bench 0 points in 3rd quarter.


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                            Gap closing with JT on the bench


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                              JT spends most of 2nd half on the sidelines, only 2 points to show for 2nd half.
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