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OT - Should the Lady Zags Join the Big East??

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  • OT - Should the Lady Zags Join the Big East??

    Over on the Men's side of this board, about every 6-9 months they have another thread about joining the Big East. With all of the teams bouncing around to new conferences, there are a couple of questions that could significantly impact Gonzaga:

    After 2023 when BYU leaves the WCC, does the credibility of the WCC take a major hit and does the WCC (and Gonzaga) need to make a change to stay relevant?

    First the WCC could add a member, but their is almost no institutions that run in line with the WCC concerning size, religious affiliation, and lack of football. In reality, Denver just doesn't pass the mustard when comparing to BYU, Seattle U, not even close. Grand Canyon is up and coming but is way out of line population wise, has profit/non-profit issues and is seen as a diploma factory (education rating sucks).

    The other option is to leave the WCC and join another conference. However, specifically concerning the Lady Zags Wbb, would conferences like the Western Athletic Conference, Mountain West, Big West, Big Sky, etc. really be a step "up" for the Lady Zags? If Gonzaga were to leave the WCC, the Big East is really the only "major" conference which does not support football, all though some Big East members do play football (kind of like San Diego in the WCC), most of the members are religiously affiliated, and have very strong academic programs, etc.

    Currently the biggest issue is that the closest Big East teams to Gonzaga are all in the central time zone not to mention the majority of the Big East members are in the Eastern time zone. Money is not the issue as the increase in revenue from even the current Big East TV contract (which expires in 2025) would far exceed the increase in travel expenses seen by the GU athletic teams. The trips to the Big East Midwest member schools would only be marginally longer than flights to Southern California. Since most sports (not named basketball) travel commercially, you can expect those student athletes would miss, at least, an additional day or two of school for each away trip particularly any trips to the Eastern time zone, not to mention many other issues.

    I personally don't see Gonzaga going anywhere until, if it ever happens, the Big East adds schools, expands to the West and creates a Western Division. They could add schools such as St. Louis (who would not want to play a Billiken?), University of Denver, Gonzaga, and combine them with Depaul, Marquette, Creighton, and Butler (you could also add Xavier if necessary) to create a Western Division.

    In Wbb, typically the Big East would get the same or maybe one more team to the NCAA Tournament than the WCC. With the Big East adding Connecticut and the WCC dropping BYU, the Big East will most likely be somewhat stronger than the BYU-less WCC. This past year the Big East got two teams to the NCAA (Connecticut & Marquette), the same as the WCC (Gonzaga and BYU)

    Here is a link to an preview of the Big East Conference for this year:

    Hypothetically speaking and speaking specifically only to Lady Zag basketball (you can read the Mbb thread to see the discussion on Mbb, and other Zag sports), what would you think of the Lady Zag Wbb joining the Big East?


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      Originally posted by bartruff1 View Post
      Maybe you missed this: only to Lady Zag basketball

      The Mbb side is the first door on the right.



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        I didn't miss it......I access the site with the New Post I see all the BS .......but thanks for pointing out the door....I will close it behind me...


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          Well here’s a thought…. Become the ND of the west. Have GU get back into the football world. Spokane has a new stadium coming soon just a few blocks away. Then shop for a division that supports all the GU sports.

          Go Zags!!