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NCAA Womens Basketball hits TV Tomorrow

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  • NCAA Womens Basketball hits TV Tomorrow

    For Women's basketball fans, the TV season starts tomorrow.

    Here is a link with a complete game schedule:

    One really big game tomorrow between Top-10 ranked teams:

    #1 South Carolina at #5 NC State at 2:00 PM Pacific on ESPN.

    What a game to start off the TV season.


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    South Carolina-NC State is about as ugly as last year's match up. SC is actually hitting shots (not behind the arc though), but can't stop turning the ball over. NC State can't shoot. One player has 11 of their 19 first half points...and it's definitely not the player you would expect. SC's bigs have barely scored. I find myself wondering why in the world Cardoso transferred there from Syracuse.


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      South Carolina gets a big win 66-57. Not pretty, but it counts.

      Aaliyah Boston just seems overrated to me. Good rebounder and defender, but her play has never matched the amount of hype she gets IMO.


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        BYU beat Lipscomb easily last night (but Lipscomb just got annihilated by Utah, so I'm guessing they are really bad).

        Today Santa Clara beat Cal Poly fairly easily, St. Mary's had to rally in the 4th quarter to get past Nevada. Currently at halftime Pepperdine is shooting out of their minds and is tied w/ UCLA. Stats seem to be broken, but last I heard Pep was 12-13 behind the arc. That can't possibly continue for a whole game I'd think.


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          Washington tried so hard to give the game to San Diego, but the Toreros wouldn't take it. 36 TOs, no FG over the last 8 minutes of the game. Nobody deserved to win that one.

          LMU kinda hanging around against Oregon St., but in danger of losing contact in Q3.