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Ongoing 2021-2022 Lady Zag Development, Observation from games

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    Only negative 1st half CLF got a bonehead technical just before halftime giving up two free throws which UC Davis sunk and gave them the ball back. Poor situational awareness by CLF that move the broadcaster said seemed to be the turning point in the game.

    Lady Zags up 40-25 at half. Note Bree was left home with apparent flu symptoms. Good news Eliza who had some strip throat is feeling better, and made the trip and made it on the court in the first half.

    Update Zags come out sloppy start of 2nd half, score 42-35. UC Davis within 7 points.

    Update end of 3rd quarter Zags up 58-50.

    Update 4:55 left in 4th quarter Zags up only 62-60. Zags giving points away due to sloppy play. Hope they can right the ship. CLF should have called a timeout much earlier to stop the bleeding.

    Anamaria at 6'5" can't get a FG underneath, scoring what 2.6 points average per game. Yet prior to the game CLF bragging on Anamaria. Well CLF rode Anamarie again today and she did nothing again today. CLF was just out coached in 2nd half, once again by a better coach. Saw no adjustments 2nd half. Well another wasted game for Lady Zags. We will see if they can win the WCC and WCC tournament. Out large bids looking beyond range.

    Update Zags down 67-64 with less than a minute to play. Ugly 2nd half for Lady Zags, really ugly. CLF has to learn to make in game adjustments, and put the right players on the court. Lady Zags would have had a lot of assists if they counted passes to opposing players in 2nd half. Zags lose 69-66.

    Note: It pays to be a strategist always thinking about your next move. Zags coaches seemed to be letting their guard down against Covid, none of the coaches now wearing masks. Zag players are now getting sick also. Mean while a new variant of Covid is sweeping across the United States. Games in all sports are once again seeing games canceled, and athletes being put out for Covid protocols. Noticed when we played Stanford hall of fame coach Tara Vanderveer wisely wore a heavy duty mask all game, yes she she is a older wiser coach. Key players will be missing from games this year, because of Covid once again, and it will once again be the most safety conscious teams who don't let their guard down who could steal some victories and vice a versa.

    A strategist needs to stop and let the wheels turn inside their head during the action. While CLF is yelling nonstop on the sidelines perhaps one of her assistants who is sitting on the bench can be the thinker and offer her some advice, like taking a time out before you let the other team catch back up to you.

    Advice to CLF more thinking less yelling. Never noticed coach Tara Vanderveer even get off the bench during the action, she was in control with her thinking cap on.
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      I can't see how CLF can justify Anamaria starting averaging 2.6 points per game and shooting 33% FG. Common Anamaria is 6'5" when your that tall I did not think it was possible to shoot 33% its way against the law of averages.

      Anamarie can't dominate inside on offense even against the small teams, what does that say.

      In the last nine games Anamaria has not scored above 4 points. In 11 games played thus far Anamaria has only scored more than 4 points once, and that was 6 points. We simply need better production out of our starting center than that. In close games that lack of production can be the difference maker.

      If you scouted a opposing team with a starting center with those offensive stats and at 6'5" you would be licking your chops at a glaring weakness on that team.
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        Portland, San Diego will be early gauges for us in the WCC, and BYU will come late hopefully we will still be intact by then and not on wobbly legs figuratively speaking.

        San Francisco #21 Krimili last game 7-15 FG, 4-7 3 pointers, 19 points, 6 rebounds, yes she is a sophomore, but she had games like this last year as a Freshman.

        The Lady Zags get much more heralded recruits than other teams in the WCC, but other WCC teams seem better at developing and getting more out of their recruits. IE Krimilli a Freshman who had games like her last game also as a Freshman.

        Mckayla Williams was the #72 recruit now a (Sophomore), Bree Salenbien (Freshman) #44 recruit, Yvonne Ejim (Sophomore) and Eliza Hollingworth (Redshirt Sophomore) both came with playing for their country experience beside High school experience.

        Ejim was only allowed to play when most of the seniors got food poisoning on a late night food order, in WCC tournament night before the championship game. Ejim kept the Zags in the game allowing Jill her one shot made end of game heroics. Sadly this was forgotten about and shoved under the rug this year, and much to everyone surprise Virjoghe was named the starter this year.

        Yes sadly CLF is not a equal opportunity employer. Ejim coming off the bench as a backup is averaging 8.9 points a game, 50% FG, and is averaging just as many rebounds as a player 4 inches taller than her Virjoghe.

        CLF has a clear bias towards upper classman.

        Eliza Hollingsworth got the opportunity to shine once this year when Anamarie, Melody, and Yvonne all got into foul trouble one game and she responded with 12 points. Then she once again hidden under the rug by CLF. Oh yea Eliza scored those 12 points against Stanford the best team and most talented team we played this year.

        Omicron Covid Variant is spreading like wildfire keep your guard up Lady Zags and Coaches.
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          The fact that Coach Fortier is extensively tweaking the lineup week to week this far into the schedule is a telling sign. She has yet to find an upperclassman dominated lineup that consistently brings a complete game to the court. When she occasionally puts together a group of five that excel, she inexplicably begins subbing players in and out, disrupting the flow. The loss to Cal Davis has to be the most disheartening fourth quarter collapse in the last two decades (at least) of Zag women's basketball, right up there w/the men's 2006 disaster vs UCLA.

          Like Kelly Graves at Oregon this year, Lisa may have come to her Rubicon moment. KG's team is down because of lackluster recruiting the last two years. As far as I know, GU hasn't had a single HS recruit commit for next season, let alone anyone close to a top 100 prospect. It remains to be seen if help is on the way through the transfer portal. Can't say, after watching Abby & Cieras' inconsistent performances thus far, that that's the approach to take. There's just not enough talent returning from this year's team to fill the void next year. And if Payton, Callie, Esther & Maud can barely get playing time this year, it doesn't bode well for their prospects next season.

          Hopefully, I'm just kvetching, spoiled by the consistent success of the team over the last 10-15 years, and this group (and their coaches) will right the ship & steam into port floating high after another successful WCC voyage. Right now, though, can't see it. Right now, the winds are foul and the water's running rough.


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            Few notes from the EW game tonight. Zags won 76-48 over EW.

            Was glad to see Bree put up another 3 (made it) after missing a earlier one. Couple of pointers for Bree when your running the point you need to stay towards the top of the key, leaning towards the side the ball is on. The reason for this is so a player does not get trapped with the ball on one side and can release it back to you. One time I saw you travel to the corner without the ball when your the point guard, you repeatedly leaned toward the side where the ball was not on offense also, resulting in a player having to throw a long pass to you which the other team stole. If your bringing the ball up you are the floor general (point guard), you can't just disappear.

            Mckayla liked your mid range jumper today and your agressiveness. Just remember on fast breaks some times you need to look for your teammates trailing. Mckayla you had one bad pass today, but overall I saw improvement today, keep it up.

            Eliza so happy to see you get that 3 pointer at the end of the game, keep the faith in your shot.

            Maud going to have to work on not traveling underneath.

            Yvonne 6-6 FG 100% good job. Remember what you did right in this game.

            Actually saw Esther get a aggressive rebound today, good to see her doing something besides just playing defense.

            Kayleigh take care of that knee during Christmas break let it heal up.

            Good to see all eligible players playing this game. Liked how CLF mixed her subs in throughout the game. So they got good game time experience.

            CLF stopped her yelling all game, and I actually saw her sitting on the bench once. Maybe she still can become a thinking coach, not just a screamer.

            Enjoy your Christmas vacation Lady Zags. Beware Omicron Covid Virus has arrived keep your guard up so your healthy enough to be back on the court.

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              Final score tonight, for those of you still awake & wondering: Zags 76 EWU 48. Where are you Zag Dad? Everything alright?


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                Omicron Covid virus is now attacking kids in New York City. Omicron covid virus is more highly contagious than the original virus and the kids are now the ones being infected.

                Thus I'm pleading with grandparents and parents please get your kids vaccinated, before Omicron hits Washington which it will.

                I just cannot bear to see any kids suffering needlessly in hospitals from Omicron Covid virus.

                Its not to late to protect your kids and grandkids for their sake please do.
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                  Lucky for us the hospitals in our area have been trending down…. 61 today.
                  As for children…in almost 2 years we are fortunate that out of 1150 we have lost, only one child under 10 has passed.

                  Hopefully Omicron is only as bad as what they are saying…. Cold/flu.

                  Go Zags!!


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                    SEATTLE -- The omicron-fueled surge that is sending COVID-19 cases rocketing in the U.S. is putting children in the hospital in record numbers, and experts lament that most of the youngsters are not vaccinated.

                    “It’s just so heartbreaking,” said Dr. Paul Offit, an infectious-disease expert at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. "It was hard enough last year, but now you know that you have a way to prevent all this.”

                    During the week of Dec. 22-28, an average of 378 children 17 and under were admitted per day to hospitals with the coronavirus, a 66% increase from the week before, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.


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                      Time for tough decisions for WCC. Is it time to go back to no fans? With Omicron spreading throughout California the risks of shutting down the WCC is very real. Omicron is more contagious and being inside a gym with 6000 fans now seems like a recipe for disaster. With a large portion of fans not even wearing masks during the game.

                      Yes the coaches and players have let their guard down against covid. But they have bought into a false sense of security just like many fans.

                      Time for Universities to make hard decisions do they want to play games this year on a regular basis. Or are the universities willing to gamble their season away. Is it time to return to remote learning?

                      Heck Gonzaga Men first 3 games in the WCC have already been cancelled according to CBS reports. Due to the Gonzaga men still being in Covid protocol, and just think we have not even felt the effects of Omicron in Washington yet. Time for Gonzaga University President to make some quick decisions.

                      This whole season could go down the drain quickly, unless Universities quickly become proactive. If they let dollar rule their decisions, games could be few and far in between.


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                        Oregon again sets record single-day COVID-19 count with 4,540 new cases; 44 more deaths.
                        Record-breaking Oregon hospitalizations expected amid COVID surge, OHA says
                        by Kellee Azar and KATU StaffTuesday, January 4th 2022


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                          Thursday opponent Portland has 7 players from Australia and 1 player from New Zealand.

                          Portland has 3 starters from Australia #30 Cochrane (6'6") Freshman, #12 Fowler (6'2"), #10 Andrews (5'10"). One starter from New Zealand #5 Shearer (6'0") Freshman.

                          They also have a local #24 Burnham 5'11" Freshman from Spangle Wa., coming off the bench averaging 17.3 minutes per game.

                          Will be looking for all coaches to be wearing masks again along with players on benches.

                          Luckly on the road very few fans in attendance. Good idea to start separating players on bench again also.

                          Lets throw out all excuses by CLF prior to the game. 1. We had players not feeling well or still recovering (All teams dealing with the same thing coaches and players most vigilant are the winners). 2. It was a road game (fortunately for the Zags teams other than BYU, very few opponent fans show up for WBB games.). 3. We lacked time to prepare for game due to Covid (Applies to all teams). 4. We had a injury (all teams have to deal with injuries good coaches overcome them).

                          The better team will win Thursday.
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                            Zags up by one point at the half 34-33. Only Zag that came for the first half was Melody.
                            Maud does not know how to dribble, basket wide open 6 feet away defense turns around wrong way she throws the basketball back out. Another time lane open she traveled did not dribble just picked up her foot.
                            Anamarie just has no offensive talent at all, and sloppy pass to a opposing player. She can't jump 1 inch off the ground, and players dribble right by her all day long.
                            Both Troungs played sloppy first half, half court press got them all mixed up, that and bad decision passes. Troungs 2 points 1st half between them.
                            Cierra slow on defense, not a factor at all first half.

                            Need more Yvonne playing in 2nd half with Melody. Play Eliza 3rd one in, keep Anamarie on bench she just gives up points and makes dumb fouls. When Anamarie was in Portland dominated.
                            We need more offense come on wake up Troungs. Portland missing their 6'6" center, Melody only one to capitalize so far.

                            47-47 end 3rd quarter. Mckayla and Abby looked lost and scared like they don't want to be their. Play Melody and Yvonne the entire 4th quarter they are the Zags only offense. If you get 4 team fouls on Portland bring in Bree for free throw shots.

                            Zags win 76-65.

                            Melody carried Zags 1st half career high 25 points for game. Yvonne carried Zags 2nd half 22 points career high and 10 rebounds for a double double.

                            CLF should have put in Bree in 4th quarter when Portland had 4 fouls, she is the best Zag free throw shooter. Zags missed a lot of free throws this game, and let Portland hang around.
                            Bree made 4 of 4 free throws 1st half, of course CLF forgot about putting Bree back in the game could of made a lot of free throws in 4th quarter, instead of all those misses. Keep your head in the game CLF.
                            Should of given Bree a chance to take the ball up in the game, because both the Troungs looked terrible in 1st half. And then we gave a quick 4 points off inbounds passes to Portland in 4th quarter to let them back in the game.

                            Also very disappointed CLF never gave Eliza a chance in 2nd half, Anamarie looked terrible so slow could not even make two wide open layups. We could have used a 3rd offensive weapon tonight but once again CLF never game Eliza of Bree a chance so disappointing.

                            Glad we got the win but if they had their 6'6" player who can score and rebound we would have not found the sledding so easy inside.
                            If CLF does not make some changes in her substitutions and keeps rolling out players not performing like Anamarie Virjoghe, have a feeling we may not be so fortunate next time we play Portland.

                            McKayla received a wide open pass for a layup in 1st half, but she to was to slow and did not elevate. Mckayla needs to react quicker, use her hops and keep her mind in the game.

                            Ok was ecstatic to watch a Zag game tonight hope they can start rescheduling those 3 canceled games soon. Special Cudos to Yvonne the only Zag player I saw on the bench wearing a Mask.

                            F grade to Stacey Clinesmith who was drinking coffee from the get go never wearing her mask. And a F to all Zag coaches for not having bench players wearing masks, and not setting the example and not wearing your masks for most of the game. Omicron is strong in California, Oregon and Western Washington, and its going to hit Eastern Washington like a fright train.

                            I hope Zag coaches will start taking Covid seriously again so we can see some more games and stay on the court. Note only about 80 fans in attendance for this game. Surprised no activity by Wa. Governor, WCC, Gonzaga President on reducing people to indoor events. If no one is being proactive, no games could escalate rather quickly. Gonzaga is particularly susceptible with 6000 fans including students packing the kennel with no where for the air to go.

                            Go Lady Zags and stay healthy for self and teammates.
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                              No concessions at Zags games to combat omicron surge
                              Posted: January 6, 2022 6:14 PM
                              by Melissa Luck
                              SPOKANE, Wash. – Gonzaga fans better eat before they come to the Kennel. Gonzaga announced Thursday it’s suspending concessions sales effective immediately as COVID cases surge.
                              Gonzaga says the recommendation came from the Spokane Regional Health District as a way to make sure fans keep masks on, as is already required
                              This also applies to the Herak Club, Karen Gaffney Champions Room, and ’63 Court Hospitality spaces, which GU says will be closed right now as well.
                              Fans can’t bring in food or drink of their own but can use water fountains or buy water at select spaces in the concourse.
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                                Gonzaga and Stanford schedule game for this Sunday
                                It’ll be the second time the two teams have played.
                                By Peter [email protected] Jan 7, 2022, 4:21pm

                                The Gonzaga Bulldogs will be heading to Palo Alto to face the Stanford Cardinal for the second time this season in a replacement game for both team’s schedule on Sunday, Jan. 9, at 3:00 pm.
                                No fans will be allowed into the game, but it will be viewable online at

                                Cudos to Stanford leadership for being proactive and protecting their student athletics.

                                Hope the Gonzaga President and Director of Athletics follow suit and protect the Gonzaga student athletes.
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