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Gonzaga Athletics Graduation Sucess Rate (GSR) = 98%

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  • Gonzaga Athletics Graduation Sucess Rate (GSR) = 98%

    Graduation Sucess Rate (GSR) = 98% Ranks 1st in the WCC & 2nd in the Nation
    Data released by NCAA Thursday has GU student-athletes among nation’s elite

    INDIANAPOLIS – Gonzaga student-athletes are graduating at a rate of 98 percent according to the latest Graduation Success Rate (GSR) numbers released by the NCAA on Thursday, including 10 GU teams that achieved a 100 percent graduation rate.

    Overall, GU's 98 percent graduation rate is tied for the second-best in the nation. Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Holy Cross, La Salle, Lafayette and Yale all had a 99 percent graduation rate.

    For comparison with Div. 1 student-athletes, the Federal Graduation Rate is 69 percent and the NCAA GSR average is 90 percent, while the West Coast Conference average is at 92 percent. Gonzaga once again has the highest GSR in the league, followed by San Francisco and Santa Clara at 96 percent.

    Ten Gonzaga squads achieved perfect 100-percent GSR scores, including women's basketball for the sixth straight year and men's basketball for the fifth straight year. GU women's cross country and track and field and women's golf each had a perfect 100-percent GSR for the 17th straight year, while men's cross country and track and field (14 straight), men's tennis (13 straight), men's soccer (12 straight), women's soccer (11 straight, 13th time overall), and men's golf (10 straight) all extended their impressive streaks of 100-percent GSR scores. Volleyball also achieved the 100-percent GSR score honor.

    Eleven of GU's 13 countable programs finished above the national average in their respective sports. Nine of those teams finished at least five percentage points better.

    According to the NCAA, the Division I Board of Directors created the GSR in 2002 in response to Division I college and university presidents who wanted data that more accurately reflected the mobility of college students beyond what the federal graduation rate measures. The federal rate counts as an academic failure any student who leaves a school, no matter whether he or she enrolls at another school. Also, the federal rate does not recognize students who enter school as transfer students. The GSR formula removes from the rate student-athletes who leave school while academically eligible and includes student-athletes who transfer to a school after initially enrolling elsewhere. This calculation provides a more accurate appraisal of student-athlete success.

    Congrats Lady Zags for continuing the extremely high level of success both on and off the court.