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First NCAA Wbb Committee Reveal

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  • First NCAA Wbb Committee Reveal

    Today the NCAA committee revealed their Top-16 Wbb teams for the NCAA tournament, and it did not bode well for the WCC.

    Why is this important? The top 16 teams get to host the first and second round games only having to travel to the regionals. Big advantage getting to avoid travel, hotel stays, etc. for the first and second round games.

    As expected, there are four teams from both the SEC and the Big 12 in the top 16, three from the Pac-12, two from the ACC, two from the Big Ten and one from the Big East.


    Despite BYU being ranked 16th in both polls and Charlie Creme having them a #3 seed, the committee did not list the Cougars in the Top-16. The many of the teams seeded above BYU will lose over the coming weeks, leaving the Cougars the opportunity to move up and host the first and 2nd round games. It also provides lots of incentive for the Cougars to avoid any loses at any cost.

    Going to be a rough road to hoe, for the Lady Zags, but IMO, they have to at least split with the cougars to have any chance at an at-large bid.