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Canada Senior Men in Athens August 17-19

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    At the half ... Who knew? Canada has led almost all of the game, and Argentina is racking up fouls. Kelly hasn't entered the game. Rob played about four minutes and got a couple of rbounds. Go Canada!

    Live stats
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      End of the third, Argentina leads 51-49. Come on Canada! You can do this thing!
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        The game was much closer than the final box score would indicate, with Canada leading or close much of the game. Carlos Delfino is a stud.

        Kelly DNP. Rob played +9 mins and didn't set the world on fire, but what experience!
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          I would have to say that Canada did quite well considering that they played the #1 ranked team in the world, and that they have their leading scorer sidelined with an injury. Good showing for Canada I think. If I were watching the games I would probably be seeing a team with a lot of heart, and that's all I think a fan really hopes for (giving it 100%). Rob continues to rebound well whenever he's in. I think that's really promissing for next year. I felt that rebounding was not one of his strength's last year. Good to see him get playing time at this level, and good to see that Kelly made the team. Congrats to both Zags. I'm sure they're getting a lot of great expereince playing at this level, and I'm sure they've learned a lot. Same for Harris.
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            Great experience for Rob playing in this game and I think it’s good experience for Kelly just being a part of it and watching from the bench. It’ll be fun to see what Rob, Kelly and Elias bring back from their summer experiences playing on their national teams with professionals. Hopefully they’ll be able to translate that experience into a big year for the Zags.


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              Game with Turkey is on. Live stats here. Interestingly, it looks like Kelly started. He's scored three points, with 4:20 left in the first. Turkey leads 17-9.

              Germany beat Turkey, you might recall, 68-54, in the Bamberg Supercup.

              Edited to add: That stat tracker seems to work in fits and starts. Main link is here. (Upper right corner.)
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                Repost this on it's own if need be

                – TSN2 follows Team Canada at the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey
                beginning on August 28 –

                Toronto, ON (August 20, 2010) – TSN2 and Canada Basketball have reached a comprehensive agreement making TSN2 the exclusive broadcaster for the upcoming 2010 FIBA World Championship. As part of the two-year agreement, TSN2 will also be the exclusive Canadian broadcaster for the 2010 FIBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FOR WOMEN, 2011 FIBA AMERICAS CHAMPIONSHIP and the 2011 FIBA AMERICAS CHAMPIONSHIP FOR WOMEN.
                TSN2’s 2010 FIBA World Championship coverage will feature all Team Canada games along with the playoffs and finals. Coverage begins on Saturday, Aug. 28 with Canada vs. Lebanon at 11:30 a.m. ET live from Turkey.
                “The FIBA World Championship is one of the premiere international basketball events featuring many of the world’s best players,” said Stewart Johnston, Vice-President, Programming, TSN. "We are thrilled that TSN2 will have all of the action from Team Canada as it looks to put its mark on the international stage."
                "Following on the heels of our recent domestic series, this is a major step as we continue to build the profile of Canada Basketball, our national teams and the international game across the country," said Wayne Parrish, Executive Director and CEO of the sport's national governing body. "Canada has a strong and vibrant basketball community, and we couldn't be more delighted than to have TSN2 recognize that with a multi-year commitment to broadcast our major championships. Now, basketball fans from coast to coast can experience the passion, pride and excitement of international basketball starting with the biggest global basketball events of 2010 – the FIBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and the FIBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FOR WOMEN."
                TSN2’s broadcast schedule for the 2010 FIBA World Championship is as follows:

                Saturday, Aug. 28 – Canada vs. Lebanon at 11:30 a.m. ET
                Sunday, Aug. 29 – Canada vs. Lithuania at 9 a.m. ET
                Tuesday, Aug. 31 – Canada vs. France at 11:30 a.m. ET
                Wednesday, Sept. 1 – Canada vs. New Zealand at 9 a.m. ET
                Thursday, Sept. 2 – Canada vs. Spain at 9 a.m. ET
                Additional games to be confirmed.
                Team Canada’s journey to the 2010 FIBA World Championship began on home soil with a rigourous schedule including training camp and domestic exhibition games. The Senior Women’s National Team (SWNT) tipped off the season in July with a four-game friendly featuring two matches versus national teams from Sweden and Chile, respectively. The Senior Men’s National Team (SMNT) followed up in August with the Jack Donohue International Classic. Canada’s SMNT hosted the Chinese National Team for one game in Vancouver, BC. and played a two-game series against Team France in Toronto, ON. Both the SWNT and SMNT successfully swept all their respective matches and remain undefeated in 2010 domestic competition.
                TSN and TSN2 are also official broadcasters of the Toronto Raptors and the NBA in Canada with more live games than any other Canadian broadcaster.
                About TSN2
                TSN2, a division of CTVglobemedia, brings Canadian sport fans a jam-packed line-up of major league sports action, with exclusive live events and encore telecasts of key sporting events. TSN2’s roster features an exciting line-up of sports and events, including the NHL, NBA, MLB, Curling, International Hockey, Golf, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series, IndyCar Series, Grand Slam Tennis, Boxing and NCAA Football and Basketball. Also available in High Definition, sports fans can access TSN2 through television service providers across the country. For more information on TSN2 and a complete list of participating television providers, visit
                About Canada Basketball and FIBA
                Canada Basketball ( is a private, not-for-profit corporation that is committed to the growth of the sport in Canada. Just as important, Canada Basketball is focused on the development and preparation of Canada’s national teams for the Olympic; Pan American and FISU Games as well as the World Championships. The aspiration of Canada Basketball is to instill the pride, commitment, passion and respect that Canadians personify into the development of basketball across the country and internationally.
                FIBA (, the world governing body for basketball, is an independent association formed by 213 National Federations of basketball throughout the world. It is recognized as the sole competent authority in basketball by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Canada is one of only six nations to qualify for all four 2010 FIBA World events including the inaugural U17 World Championships for Men and Women. The biggest basketball names in the world come together for the 2010 FIBA World Championships for Men and Women, tipping off in Turkey and in the Czech Republic respectively.

                - 30 -

                For More Information (TSN and TSN2):
                Greg McIsaac, (w) 416.384.5180, (c) 416.458.3591, [email protected]
                Chobi Liang, (w) 416.384.7584, (c) 416.859.4738, [email protected]
                Simon Bassett, (w) 416.384.7599, [email protected]

                For More Information (Canada Basketball):
                Tanya Phillipps, (c) 416-276-9329, [email protected]
                Hasan Alanam, (w) 416-614-8037 x248, [email protected]
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                  Looks like will have all the WC games online for those whose service providers offer ESPN3, including Comcast in Spokane. From their schedule of upcoming games, all times Eastern:
                  Sat, Aug 28	11:30 AM	Lebanon vs. Canada (Preliminary Round)	
                  		2:30 PM		Argentina vs. Germany (Preliminary Round)
                  Sun, Aug 29	9:00 AM		Canada vs. Lithuania (Preliminary Round)	
                  		12:00 PM	Germany vs. Serbia (Preliminary Round)
                  Mon, Aug 30	12:00 PM	Germany vs. Australia (Preliminary Round)	
                  Tue, Aug 31	11:30 AM	Canada vs. France (Preliminary Round)	
                  Wed, Sep 1	9:00 AM		New Zealand vs. Canada (Preliminary Round)	
                  		12:00 PM	Angola vs. Germany (Preliminary Round)
                  Thu, Sep 2	9:00 AM		Canada vs. Spain (Preliminary Round)	
                  		2:30 PM		Germany vs. Jordan (Preliminary Round)
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                    Well, either Canada-Turkey is having the longest half-time in the world, or the statistician has grabbed a couple of beers and popped the slide .... I guess we'll know soon enough what happened in the game, but for now, no stats after half time ...
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                      Yikes! Link to game stats here.

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                        The positive side of things...

                        ZN - Thanks for the box score and Yikes is right!

                        But on the other hand love the fact that KO and Rob are getting all those will only help when the season starts.


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                          Originally posted by Bogozags View Post
                          ZN - Thanks for the box score and Yikes is right!

                          But on the other hand love the fact that KO and Rob are getting all those will only help when the season starts.
                          And Kelly was the leading scorer for Canada and got the start!

                          Mildly nteresting aside: In case there was any doubt as to what kind of nerd I am, this should remove any remaining doubt: I went through the rosters for all the teams (link) to see how many teams had NCAA players on their rosters. According to my rough count, there are 13 NCAA players on the rosters, mostly kids I've never heard of, primarily playing for non-powerhouse FIBA teams, and Gonzaga has three of them!:
                          Teams  	#	Student
                          ANG 	1	Valdélicio JOAQUIM, 6'10 Center from Eastern Utah JC
                          ARG 	0	
                          AUS 	1	Matthew DELLAVEDOVA, St. Mary's
                          BRA 	0	
                          CAN 	2	Robert Sacre and Kelly Olynyk, Gonzaga
                          CHN 	0	
                          CIV 	2	Remi DIBO, 6'8 F Mountain State University; 
                          		Landry GUY, 6'5 G Midland CC
                          CRO 	0	
                          ESP 	0	
                          FRA 	0	
                          GER 	1	Elias Harris, Gonzaga
                          GRE 	0	
                          IRI 	1	Arsalan KAZEMI, Rice University
                          JOR 	3	  Nick FADAYEL, Niagra College; 
                          		Layth MANSOUR, Chowan University; 
                          		Imad QAHWASH, Central Arkansas
                          LIB 	1	Ali KANAAN, UMass;
                          LTU 	0	
                          NZL 	1	Alex PLEDGER, Belmont Abbey College
                          PUR 	0	
                          RUS 	0	
                          SLO 	0	
                          SRB 	0	
                          TUN 	0	
                          TUR 	0	
                          USA 	0	
                          Total	13
                          I hadn't realized Dellavedova was playing for Australia. It will be interesting to see what color mouthpiece he sports and whether his uni will actually fit him this time.

                          There are some kids on rosters who are still in HS or will be entering the NCAA this fall, such as Rob Loe from New Zealand, who was also on NZ's team last year. I didn't count those kids, but only those designated NCAA, including JC kids.

                          No telling how many of these kids will be included in their teams' 12-man rosters making the trip to Turkey.
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                            Nice work putting together the list. Very interesting.

                            One addition - Max Zhang (Cal) has been playing in the tune up games for China, but I believe he has just left the team to come to Berkeley in time for classes.


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                              Thanks, Sanders. Anybody else who is bored/weird enough to want to check through the rosters for the teams, feel free to see if I missed anyone. I was surprised, frankly, to see how few NCAA kids were on Turkey-bound FIBA teams.
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                                Monday's game should be the test to see if Rautins will play in the World cup. The Lebanese gave Argentina a game so they won't be pushovers.