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Subscribing to Threads and Recruiting Threads

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  • Subscribing to Threads and Recruiting Threads

    Several members have raised issues with tracking the various recruiting threads and the difficulty in trying to locate and follow them. We recommend that you subscribe to those threads to help with that. You can easily tag threads you want to follow and easily find by subscribing to them.

    At the top of each thread there is an option called Thread Tools. This opens a drop down menu that lets you subscribe to the thread. You will then be given options for various alerts notifying you of updates to the thread.

    You can easily find threads you have subscribed to by clicking on the Settings at the very top right hand corner of the page. You can select View Subscribed Threads to see the threads you want to track.

    Please keep posts in these recruiting threads tightly on topic since many members do rely on them for information. We will emphasize this method rather than stickying the threads to prevent stickied threads from dominating the page.
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