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Division II School Beats Pepperdine: 77-50

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  • Division II School Beats Pepperdine: 77-50

    Point Loma Nazarene University, a Division 2 school, hosted D-1 Pepperdine on Saturday night and didn’t just beat the Waves. They ran ‘em out of the gym in an impressive 77-50 win.
    “No team in the country has a better winning percentage against power conference teams since 2017 than Gonzaga... the Zags are playing above average teams in the best leagues in the country and winning 78% of the time.”

    -Ken Pomeroy-

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    Point Loma Coach Matt Logie is former Whitworth Coach. Some thought he might have been a candidate when the Portland job opened up.
    But we don't play nobody.


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      GU was once recruiting a transfer from Point Loma, Daulton Hommes


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        First off why'd they play at Point Loma?

        Every year we hear WCC is getting better ....and then this happens.


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          Let's wait and see. Remember years back Syracuse lost to a D2 team. That team went S16 and beat GU in the second round of the tourney.

          Don't read too much into these type of games.
          "And Morrison? He did what All-Americans do. He shot daggers in the daylight and stole a win." - Steve Kelley (Seattle Times)

          "Gonzaga is a special place, with special people!" - Dan Dickau #21

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