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    Permit me to go off topic a little. NCAA women's soccer is down to the Final 4. Santa Clara will be meeting BYU in one of the semifinals, so WCC is guaranteed to get a team in the Championship match for the second year in a row. SCU won the whole enchilada last season. Pretty cool.

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    What’s more, Santa Clara is hosting the final four! So home field advantage for the Broncos…


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      I'll never really understand soccer. 110 minutes played, not a single point scored. SCU wasn't even really trying to score until the 2nd overtime it looked like, just trying to keep BYU from scoring. BYU finally won on free kicks 3-2 I think? Will meet Florida St. for the Championship.


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        Florida St. won the Championship in shootouts or whatever they call that. Another game w/ 110 minutes of scoreless action. There was a grand total of ONE goal scored during the 3 games of the Final Four. Sorry soccer, but I just can't. If any other sport was routinely scoreless, nobody would watch.