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  • Profile: USF and Todd Golden

    The Athletic's Arizona sports beat writer, Doug Haller, covered the Don's loss to GCU and subsequent win over ASU, in a feature story on Coach Golden and the Dons.

    “Life goes on, man,” Golden told his team. “Find a way to be great. If we blow, we’re going to allow this to affect the way we prepare tomorrow. Straight up. If we’re champions, if we’re the team I think we are, a tournament team, Top 25, we shake this thing off and attack Arizona State and we have a great mentality.”
    A day before the Grand Canyon game, Golden and the Dons practiced at Sunnyslope, bringing the coach’s basketball life full circle. With players seated for a film session, Golden introduced Rosenbaum, who stood off to the side. Then Golden asked former Sunnyslope head coach Dan Mannix to say a few words in a gymnasium that bears his name.

    Mannix told the Dons that successful teams have five characteristics. They communicate. “On the court and off with teammates and coaches.” They trust. “If I’m pressuring the ball, I’m trusting that you got my back.” They’re responsible. “Individual and collective.” They’re caring. “You care about each other and care about what you’re doing.” And they have pride. “You take pride in yourself, pride in your team, pride that you represent your parents and your school.”

    Mannix told the Dons to appreciate the moment. His final request: “Just kick the crap out of Gonzaga, will ya?”
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      Good article. Hard to not like Golden. Seems like a great up and coming coach. Hope they make the tourney and look forward to a couple good games in the conference against them.