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    American Traitor...a spy thriller/action book by Brad Taylor.

    Pretty good so far, but just 24% of the way in. A Chinese American genius software programmer has his family used to force him to corrupt the software of the latest US fighter jet, on that uses computers to alert the pilot to everything.
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      The Terminal List by Jack Carr. The book was recommended by a friend. Not really my cup of tea but I finish every book I start.

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        So I randomly stumbled across a new-to-me author, Blake Crouch.
 This guy can write a book!!!! Read these first two, Run and Dark Matter, in record time for me (I am a really slow reader, but knocked these two out in about 10 days). From start to finish, they were NON....STOP. Love love love. Just learned that Dark Matter is going being developed into a 10-episode tv series. That will be unreal.

        Anyway, I'm 1/4 way into Pines. Already amazing. It's also a trilogy, so I'm excited about that.

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            Originally posted by Zagceo View Post
            Oh. A history book! LOL
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              Finally started the Foundation series, as I knew the Apple TV series was on its way ... I'm at book 4 and episode 5.
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                Originally posted by willandi View Post
                Next up are a couple of the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes books by Laurie R King. She is a great writer that adds an interesting twist to the Sherlock story.

                Start with "The Bee Keepers Apprentice".
                Liked that whole series
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                  I’m off to see Dune in a half hour.

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