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Gonzaga University: No Debate: Championship Contenders

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  • Gonzaga University: No Debate: Championship Contenders

    No Debate: Championship Contenders

    March isn’t just madness for the Gonzaga basketball teams and the fans who love them.

    The Gonzaga debate team is vying for a national championship at the National Debate Tournament (NDT) kicking off in Washington, D.C., March 31.

    The parallels go beyond striving for a title just after spring break. Like their basketball-playing fellow students, members of the debate team are dedicated to their craft in a way that a casual observer simply could never understand. They put in hours upon hours of practice outside of competition, their season stretches for the better part of a school year, and the debates themselves are fierce endurance contests, matching wits and wordplay with top-tier talents from across the country for hours on end.

    “Competitive debate is incredibly rewarding, but can also be demanding,” notes Glen Frappier, a senior lecturer in communication studies now in his 24th year as GU’s director of debate. “During tournaments students routinely compete for 10-12 hours each day, going up against some of the most brilliant and talented undergraduates in the nation. The level of thinking and speaking required can be exhausting.”​

    The rewards, though, are worth every minute spent researching and preparing arguments for tournaments....

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    "Coach" Frappier has had these guys/gals competitive for a long time. Good Luck.

    Thanks for the reminder, Terp.
    But we don't play nobody.