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OT - Led Zeppelin at GU -Kennedy Pavilion

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  • OT - Led Zeppelin at GU -Kennedy Pavilion

    I’m sure this will get moved but we’re any if you old (er) timers at this show?

    The music version of buying Microsoft in 1981.

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      I saw Dave Brubeck......and of course Gonzaga's own Chad Mitchell Trio.....


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        Originally posted by bartruff1 View Post
        I saw Dave Brubeck......and of course Gonzaga's own Chad Mitchell Trio.....
        I didn't know of the Chad Mitchell trio's affiliation to Gonzaga. I saw them in '64 or '65 in Santa Barbara...a beautiful, smallish amphitheater, outdoor venue, along with Peter, Paul and Mary.
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          Really want to know about Led Zeppelin's trip to Spokane in a blizzard and the trying to get across the pass for a Seattle read their roadies book on it! It was their 2nd or 4th US concert! Google it. I was there! “In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man....” the wife knows everything that ever happened with that band! The Winter of 68 was like non other if any of you remember that. Shoveling snow for a few hours before class every morning.
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            Somewhere there is an interview with Don Fitzpatrick (RIP) about this.


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              As I remember they were supposed to be the New Yardbirds and became Led Zeppelin...
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                Here's the interview with Don:

                (Not sure I've formatted this correctly. Maybe a Mod can help.)




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                  ever hear about the mud shark?