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Gonzaga Delivers Education in a Crisis

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  • Gonzaga Delivers Education in a Crisis

    Gonzaga Delivers Education in a Crisis

    SPOKANE, Wash. — Facing an unprecedented moment in higher education with the escalating crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, Gonzaga University President Thayne McCulloh, D-Phil., says the University has been guided by its Catholic and Jesuit mission to focus first and foremost on care for the individual and concern for each person’s health and safety.

    “That begins with our students and their families, our faculty and staff, and extends to all of our friends as well,” President McCulloh noted. “Along with our faculty and staff colleagues, our institutional leadership is working diligently to make thoughtful decisions in response to constantly shifting challenges.”...

    On Monday, March 16 100% virtual training began for on-campus faculty, followed by one-on-one instruction, as needed, and the creation and roll-out of multiple tutorials, all contained in a Blackboard course in which all faculty were enrolled.

    “Value-added” training sessions for faculty were held, including tips on how to best present themselves on camera and how to light a room. “We talk to faculty about engaging students, writing good discussion prompts to get students to think and be reflective, how to be self-aware and make good connections between the content and their lives,” Marquis said.

    Others contributing to the logistical intercontinental tour de force included Florence Director Jason Houston, all the deans and numerous support staff, especially the staff of ITS and the Foley Library and outgoing CTA Director Jeff Dodd.

    “So many people here have risen to the challenge,” said Marquis. “We’ll do a great job at this and then we’ll move back to what we’ve always done, hopefully with a little better understanding and capacity to do hybrid learning, and a more robust use of technology to help all students engage.”

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