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Unofficial Official GUBoard Introduction Thread

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  • Howdy.

    After five years and 2,000 or so posts, I thought I ought to introduce myself.

    Location: From Montana. Now living in Maine.

    GU Connection: B.A. 1996

    Games in the Martin Centre: Lots of them between 1992 and 1996

    Games in K2: none

    Board history: see above.
    “No team in the country has a better winning percentage against power conference teams since 2017 than Gonzaga... the Zags are playing above average teams in the best leagues in the country and winning 78% of the time.”

    -Ken Pomeroy-


    • Location/Hometown: East Central Missouri; 60 miles from STL

      GU Connection: Big GU fan, next year will be my 10th full season watching the team. No other connection . . . First team I actually enjoyed watching

      Games at K2: a big doughnut; never been to a game either, but haven't missed a game on TV since 2008

      Board History: trying to send my knowledge of the team the best I can without sendin insults. If I insult anyone let me know. None of my posts should be interpreted angrily.
      Qualified for 23 Straight Big Dances

      12 Straight Round of 32s

      11 Sweet Sixteens (6 Straight)

      4 Elite Eights

      2017 AND 2021 FINAL FOUR

      2 Winningest Players in college basketball history (Karnowski 137, Perkins 134)

      2021 Undefeated Regular Season

      The Best Point Guard to ever play the game: John Stockton, most assists, most steals.