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    Location: Sparks ( As in, "Reno is so close to hell, you can see Sparks." )

    GU Connection: '79 Grad. DeSmet RA. Bulletin Editor. ROTC, and other stuff.

    Games in K2: One ( vs. St. Mary's, 2008 season )

    Games in K1: Just about all that took place while school was in session; show your ID at the door, find a spot in the bleachers, enjoy the show. Attendance was pretty sparse in that era.

    Board History: Poster/Reader as of March 2, 2006.

    Misc: Northern California Native
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      Allow myself to introduce...myself

      Location: San Diego/Anchorage

      GU Connection: '03 grad

      Games in K2: 5 or 6. Rarely missed a game in K1 while at GU, countless NCAA's and WCC tourneys.

      Board History: lurker for about a year

      Obsessed with all things college b-ball, but mostly GU.


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        Location: Spokane, GU neigborhood

        GU connection: Live in the neighborhood, played on campus when I was a kid, went to G-Prep class of '80, brother in law is a GU grad.

        Games in K1: Saw Stockton play a high school game there.

        Games in K2: All of them with the exception of two games missed due to illness.

        Board History: On Scout since 2003 (I think) when I started a huge debate about the whole battle in Seattle thing, which I found horrible. Heytfelt had just verbaled to GU and I got caught doing a little flaming on the Husky board by GoZags - hehe. Just reached 1000 posts on the old board - here's to starting over.
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          Location: Spokane is home; school in Omaha, NE

          GU Connection: parents, aunts and uncles

          Games in K2: every game when I'm home from school, though many are on TV here

          Board History: very frequent reader, infrequent poster; the default to pass time in boring classes
          Creighton '09
          SMU '12


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            Location: Seatown

            GU Connection: Born and raised in Spokane. Years and years of sports camps and baseball/basketball games attended.

            Games in K2: 0. Don't make it home much these days and tickets are in scarce supply. But I'll be back for Memphis at the Arena so that's a start.

            Board History: Started lurking about 2 years ago and occasionally posting about a year ago


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              Location: Spokane

              GU Connection: Current student, '10. Parents, aunt and uncle are alums.

              Games in K2: Unfortunately have been unable to make a couple this season. Been at more than I've missed though.

              Board History: Lurker with the occasional posts for at least 3 years.


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                Location: Tri-Cities
                GU Connection: Dated a sweetie there in 68, had some friends from High School that went there. Have followed the Monson's coaching as I went to Idaho during Dad's time there.
                Games in K2: Some day
                Board History: Found the old board about 3 years ago and have been a diligent lurker since. Just now getting around to posting
                and YES, I do remember when "Butch" came up missing in 1965
                Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional


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                  Location: Santa Monica

                  GU Connection : Attended '90 - '94 then lived in the area for several more years.

                  Games in K2 : None :-( , but attended just about every game in K1 from '90 to '98 . Saw it all there - Orlando Lightfoot drop 50 on us, Geoff Goss make crazy shots to win games, Stanford and Calvery dunks ....... ahhh the memories.

                  The Board :
                  Been a member for several years. More reading then posting, but hey a new year, a new board so who knows.


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                    Location: Spokane
                    GU Connection: 91-96
                    Games at K2: Preseason opener this year
                    The Board: about 2-3 years ago started.
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                      Location: Moscow ID

                      GU Connection : Student at U of I, but grew up in spokane and was a G-Prep grad. Many highschool friends go to GU.

                      Games in K2 : 1 last year, and i went to the battle in seattle this year.
                      The Board : interested observer for over a year.


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                        Location: Williamsburg, VA

                        GU Connection: Graduated in '05

                        Games in K2: A lot. I stood courtside for every single home game (men's and women's) for the first two years of K2--perks of the cheerleading gig. Since graduating, I've been back for a couple games each year over Christmas.

                        Board History: Been lurking around since I was a freshman at GU--so about 6 years now.


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                          Location: Irvine, CA (I have yet to see Austin Daye but hope to)

                          GU Connection: Rival and WCC fan - '93 Pepperdine grad

                          Games in K2: Not yet.

                          Board History: Go back to the "Basketball is Thee Sport" and "West Coast Hoops" boards - somewhere around 1997? Glad to see BobZag take over duties some time back.


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                            Location: Fruitland, ID

                            GU connection: '99 graduate, my dad, sister and countless aunts, uncles and cousins have attended.

                            Games in K2: Only one game in K2, but have made it to the BinS the last three years. Watched most all games in K1 and painted my chest for some of them!

                            Board history: logged on to the board at least 2-3 times daily over the past three years, but never posted.


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                              Location: Irving, TX--about a mile from Dallas Cowboys HQ

                              GU connection: 76 grad

                              Games in K2: none, haven't been back to Zagland since '01.

                              Board History: been posting around two years, mostly on the OCC.


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                                Location: Spokane

                                GU connection: current student, class of '08

                                Games in K2: went to every game freshman year, a little less soph. year, and even less this year

                                Board History: lurked towards the end of the 2003 season, became a member in fall of '04