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    Location: New York City

    GU connection: '89 grad, still involved with GU from a distance.

    Games in K2: *none* Sad to say but my last game in Spokane was at the Martin Center -- I only seem to manage trips to Spokane in the offseason unfortunately.

    Board History: joined 2003 season, mostly a reader and not a poster as it's always good to know when to stay quiet
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      Location: Gonzaga-In-Florence

      Connection: Jr at Gonzaga

      Games Attended: All but 1 or 2 while at GU

      Board History: Been around a while


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        Location: Missoula MT

        Connection: Like my name says.

        Games Attended: Only one in K2. Never miss keeping up with a game via T.V., audio stream or GameTracker.

        Board History: An Old Timer on the Scout board. I think I joined November 2001. A frequent though not verbose poster. I may be a contender for the All-Time Thread Killer.


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          Location: Somewhere east of Queens, NY

          Connection: 90 Grad plus my Mom still works there

          Games attended
          : Since graduation... only the games that have been played out here.

          Board History
          : Too much history... but I am sure most of you know too much of that history as well.
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          "Gonzaga is a special place, with special people!" - Dan Dickau #21

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            Location: Portland, OR

            GU connection: Graduated in '96

            Games in K2: None. Went to a handful of games in the old Kennel when I was a student. Have seen them in PDX twice since then.

            Board History: Lurker for about a year, I think.

            Love college b-ball, don't know what I'm going to do when March is over.


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              Location: Colbert, WA

              Connection: '99 BA in Business/Computer Science, '01 Graduate Athletic Admin., Worked for about 3 years in Athletic Department

              Games attended: Too many to count, but not many recently due to no longer working at GU.

              Board History: Been a member for as long as I can remember, used to slip Bob insider info due to being involved with Athletics at GU, but very infrequent poster due to same involvement.


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                Location: Colbert, Wa
                GU Connection: Just a Fan!
                Games-1 in the old Kennel many moons ago
                Board History: Lurker for a couple years, some posting


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                  Location: Spokanes South Hill

                  Connection: My Grandpa went there, i part time it, and have friends on the current team and teams back to '01.

                  Games attended: Almost every one since '01.

                  Board History: Posting for quite some time now, defender of unstatistical proven opinions...


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                    Location:Panama City, FL

                    GU Connection: From Tri-cities, Two sisters Graduated from GU

                    Games in K2: I wish

                    Board History: 4 year Degree in "lurking"
                    " something you may regret, than regret something you didn't do."


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                      Location: Liberty Lake, WA

                      Connection: Grad '85 & '99, wife '91 & works there, Brother '86, Niece is currently a Jr. My 2 boys will go here ....yes so we are really trying to make it a family thing.

                      Games in K2: ~10
                      K1: too numerous to count

                      Board history: Oct. 2001 I believe (is that right FD1?)
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                        Location: Spokane

                        Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA

                        GU Connection: Senior Finance Major, 2006 Orientation Coordinator

                        Games in K2: Nearly all

                        Board History: Lurker since 2004. Member since Fall 2006

                        GU Class of '07


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                          Location: Spokane

                          Hometown: Richland, WA

                          GU Connection: Current Student

                          Games in K2: Only missed two since I have been here

                          Board History: Lurker since Fall 2005 Member since Spring 2006
                          "Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checked by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."-Teddy Roosevelt


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                            Location: Portland, OR

                            GU Connection: G-Prep grad, many family & friends have attended GU... Zags are my #2 hoops team behind the Pilots.

                            Games in K2: UP game in 2005, all men's games of the 2006 WCC Tourney. Went to a ton of games growing up in the original Kennel.

                            Board History: Been around many years; not sure when I started posting...?
                            Go Pilots!


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                              Location: Portland, OR

                              GU connection: grew up in Whitefish, MT and used to attend camps at GU (the stockton camps).

                              Games in K2: never...and yeah, that sucks.

                              Board history: lurked for a few years, started participating in 05 or so...
                              john montana


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                                Location: Bremerton

                                GU connection: class of 1996

                                Games at K2: None, although I went to many games at the old Kennel until work interfered. I try to go to all games in Portland & Seattle.

                                Board history: Longtime lurker, but infrequent poster. Recently changed handle from 511Alum.