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Unofficial Official GUBoard Introduction Thread

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    Location: Five mile, Spokane

    GU Connection: Wife went there, numerous friends and other family went, I graduated G-Prep in '88. Was confirmed and married in St. Al's. Just a long history with the school

    Games in K2: Go 3-4 times per year, otherwise prefer to watch at home with wife and kids all in full Zag's gear after watching the good luck bunnies with my daughters on every game day.

    Board History: Lurked for about a couple years on the other board. Started posting about 2 yrs ago. Not an analyst, but a huge GU Bball fan.
    “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.” ~Jack Handey~


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      Location: Miami,FL (obviously)

      GU Connection: late 90's tourney games as an impressionable youth. hooked ever since. thankfully gives some balance to my college bball palate since Miami consistently is mind-bogglingly awful and poorly-coached.

      Games in K2: hopefully soon. donors welcome.

      Board History: mostly lurking for the past 3 years or so. getting the inside info from BZ esp during summer play tops my charts.


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        Location: Davenport, WA.

        GU Connection: Nephew is being recruited by GU (class of 09). I moved here from MI in 2003 (GO BLUE!), had no idea what Gonzaga was, much less how popular the men's basketball team was! Invited my neph to come to visit, my husband knows a former player and told him neph was a baller, player told neph to go to camp while he was here, and the rest is history.

        Games in K2: Three, all last year. Looking to go again this year! Ski season does get in the way, though...

        Board History: Was invited to post on the board by BobZag 2 years ago.

        I do love Spokane and would never move back to Michigan!
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          Current locale: VEGAS, BABY...

          Orgin: Honolulu, Hawaii

          Double Alum: '87 BA, Criminal Justice
          '90 JD

          Zag Fan since 1980, but that was in baseball and both baseball and basketball in 1983-1987 and then just basketball post 1988

          K2: None
          K : '83-87, most games with refreshment breaks in between...
          some 87 & 88, less 89,
          Away: Vegas
          Go Zags...with love & aloha from Vegas, baby.


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            Location: Seattle, WA

            GU Connection: Lifelong fan, former Gonzaga basketball camp loyalist.

            Games in K2: 1--St. Joe's last year. Countless games in the old Kennel, and the BiS games over on this side.

            Board History: Posting fell off once I realized I had to do my college work. Now that I'm back in the working world, hoping to reinvent myself as an active poster.


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              Board Inroduction Thread

              Location: Spokane (Lincoln Hts.)

              G.U. Connection: Am a shirttail relative of a former faculty member. Really got into Zag's hoops in 1999 and have been a rabid fan since.

              Games In the Kennel or K2: One in the old Kennel against Eastern, One girls game in K2. All of the games played in the Arena.

              Board History: Have been a lurker & poster since 2000 under various user names: aka: Desert Zag, Zagfan4reel, Zagnamaniac... and now HillBillyZag.
              [/QUOTE]“Sometimes a player's greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team.”
              ― Scottie Pippen


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                Location: Spokane, WA (ugh, still )

                GU Connection: Graduate of 2002. Friend of, and lived with, a few past Kennel Club Presidents during it's last true years before being overrun by the University.

                Games in K2: The Big "O." However I was sitting directly behind Dick Vitale at the GU vs. Duke game, and right next to Jim Calhoun a few years back.

                Board History: Nothing of any real significance.


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                  Hometown-Seattle (Well, Snoqualmie actually)

                  Connection-graduated in 94.

                  Kennel 1-never missed a game (including Athletes in Action et al) except when I was in Florence.

                  Kennel 2-One game-St. Louis a couple years back.


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                    ZagSlug: Behind The Music

                    Location: Dublin, CA east of San Francisco

                    GU Connection: A Banana Slug that married up, zagirl2k being the victim

                    Games in K2: Saw Adam hit the winner vs. USF and USD 2 years ago thanks to Hondo.

                    Games in K1: Just one, saw Wazzu in the last season in K1 thanks to Kip the volleyball coach at GU.

                    On the road: Make all the Bay Area games and followed GU to Maui last year and Vegas the year before.

                    Board History: Found the board while looking for Kennel Club shirts, lurked awhile and then posted under the wife's name till I joined in 2003. Occasionally supply video and game photos for people on the board

                    I reject your reality and substitute my own.


                    • Location: Greater Tacoma

                      Connection: Matriculated Sept 1969 on and off full and part time to BBA in 1976. Lived in Desmet one year the rest of the time off campus. Three cousins were Zags before me and three neices and two of theirs eventural husbands after.

                      Games in Kennedy in 69-70. After that working at night got in the way.
                      Games in K2, none but was a general student backup to the SnakePit at Petcharvich in the early 70's.

                      Board history from Dec of 2003, and an ongoing activity as monitor since.
                      "thnk god for few" jazzdelmar(12/12/11 12:50pm)
                      "When most of us couldn't buy a basket. Where do we get off anyway?!" siliconzag (11/17/06 5:45:41 pm)
                      I am monitoring the price of a donut


                      • Location: Spokane, WA (south hill)

                        GU Connection: Grew up on the Zags, My Grandma use to have a house in the area and my great grandma still does.

                        Games in K2: WCC Tourny last year, Washington this year

                        Board History: Been reading the board for 2 years at scout under Ghost34.
                        Pitt 6-0 in MSG
                        New York Knicks 12 - 22 in MSG


                        • TR11Zag

                          Used to be Cracka509...

                          Posting for a year.

                          Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA

                          Current Residence: Renton, WA

                          0 games in K2

                          Husky Hater.


                          • Originally posted by RenoZag
                            These autobiographies are a great read, funny at times, and go beyond the "profile" window.

                            Hope there's a future Hall of Fame where these can be set aside for future reference.
                            Some other boards have a Thread Archive forum with sub-forums for All-Star Threads and Dead Threads... it could happen here.
                            So little to say and so much time.
                            Live the Foo


                            • Woohoo

                              Location: St. Clair, MO

                              GU Connection: None...but that doesn't mean I'm not a zag!

                              Games in K2: None in K2...

                              Games in K1: Do you HAVE to rub it in??

                              On the road: Heck Tulsa, at Mizzou, at Memphis, at NYC (Duke at MSG)

                              Board History: Eh...member of the old board for like 2 and a half years or so. Started my board postage career being extremely annoying, immature, and a huge pest with nothing real to add to the board. wait a second...uh oh
                              Allow myself to introduce....myself...


                              • Location: Suburban Memphis

                                GU Connection: Watched Santangelo, Frahm and Calvary take highly ranked Kansas to the wire and decided I liked that team. Loved the Elite 8 run that year, and the S16 runs the following years. Was a big GU fan until Ammo, now have mixed emotions about GU.

                                Games in K2: Nada

                                Board History: Good question. Have been a semi regular since the week before Ammo dropped 44 (or whatever it was) on UW last season. May have visited sparingly before that, can't recall.