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Unofficial Official GUBoard Introduction Thread

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  • Unofficial Official GUBoard Introduction Thread

    This thread is unofficial because I'm not a if this turns out to be a hot topic then maybe a mod can edit this topic to whatever fits, and delete the disclaimer. And then maybe sticky it until it's time to send it to Foo land or the HOF. We did this on the old old board and it was quite informative.

    It is great to see so many users jumping on here. There seems to be a lot of of new faces--both from lurkerville and just new to town--as well as all the old timers.

    Now that everyone has had a chance to throw out their "hellos" and "great to be heres", why don't we all formally introduce ourselves like one does at a meeting. I'll start:

    Location: Tacoma, WA.

    GU Connection: '92 GU Grad. Lifetime fan.

    Games in K2: 4 or 5 sitting next to El Voce. Once behind the GU Bench.

    Board History: Been reading the board on and off for 2-3 years. Much to some reader's chagrin, I started posting a little over a year ago.

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    Well then, let me hop in here as well.

    Location: Spokane

    GU Connection: None really. Just always follow and support local teams. Guess I get that from living in Missoula dn supporting the Griz (Still do).

    Games in K2: 1 during the Christmas break last year. 4 in old Kennel and 3 in the arena.

    Board History: I have been following for about 6 months now only because I never knew it was there.


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      Location: Spokane

      GU Connection: Graduate School, Psychology ('05)

      Games in K2: One seasons worth as an employee, and a seasons worth in the old kennel in the student section.

      Board History: I have been reading for about 3 years, and just started posting in November.


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        Location: Deep in the Heart of Herak

        GU Connection: Current Student

        Games in K2: All but 1

        Board History: Started reading/posting fall '05


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          Location: Boston, Mass

          GU Connection: Born and raised in Spokane, I live there while I'm not in school on the other side of the country. Been watching GU and Whitworth basketball games since before I can remember.

          Games in K2: No men's games, but I've been to women's games.

          Board History: Been pretty much a lurker for the past year or so.
          "Just a team with a bunch of heart and guts, scrapping and battling for everything." Mark Few


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            Location: Spokane, WA.

            GU Connection: '07 JD

            Games in K2: 9 is my guess

            Board History: Posted for about 2 years or more.
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              Location: Oregon coast

              GU Connection: BA 1969, MA 1970

              Games in K2: none. However, five years of all home and most away games 1965-1970. My only recent game was in Portland last year. Anyone recall the theft of WSU's mascot Butch in 1965 in honor of the opening of the Kennedy Center? I remember it intimately.

              Board History: Posted for about 1 year.


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                Location: Spokane, WA.

                GU Connection: Spouse is a grad / Sports Junkie

                Games in K2: missed a couple

                Board History: Semi Pro Lurker


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                  Location: Albuquerque, NM

                  GU Connection: BS '04; parents (and several aunts & uncles) are also GU alumni

                  Games in K2: none. I made it to darn near every game the last 4 years of the old Kennel though, and an assortment of WCC/NCAA tournament games the past 2+ years.

                  Board History: Saw a flier in the hall of the Kennel my soph year at GU (2001-02) and have been around ever since...


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                    Location Spokane, South Hill

                    Gu grad 94 - BA Poli Sci/French

                    Games in k1 - about 25 K2 about 5-6 year since it opened

                    Grew up in little old Sandpoint, Idaho

                    Dad, Husband with three little kids 7,5, 3 boy, boy, girl.
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                      Location: Seattle

                      GU Connection: Gu transfer from U of Montana, Go Griz! Grad in 93

                      Games in K2: Zero, how lame is that? Going to Memphis though.

                      Board History: I go back to the Rivals days....6 years, Maybe?


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                        Location: Spokane, but I've lived in Ohio all my life leading up to this year.

                        GU Connection: Current student, will graduate in 2010.

                        Games in K2: 1. Despite knowing everything about the team and being a religious follower of the teams, I've had a few health problems that had to be taken care of. But now that I'm 100%, I'll be going to pretty much every game while I'm here.

                        Board History: I found the board last year, been more of a lurker than a poster. I probably only had 100 or so posts in that one year. If I see a need to contribute, I will.


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                          Location: Springfield, VA (Wash DC Suburb)

                          GU Connection: 1990 GU grad, BA English

                          Games in K1: Lot's. Really don't remember. Games were the event, tried not to miss any though I may not remember them due to gratuitous imbibing. Caught a lot of Women's games (a woman from my high school in MT was on the team) as well as Woman's volleyball games (freshman roomate's girlfriend was on the team). Have yet to see K2.

                          Board History: Since March 05. Kinda lost touch for a while during grad school and did a Google search for GU boards.
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                            Location: Naperville, IL

                            GU Connection: '90 graduate

                            Games in K2: None unfortunately. Since I graduated saw Gonzaga in the Great 8 in the United Center in '99 and attended the 2003 WCC Tournament.
                            Thanks to digital cable I get to see almost every game now. Never would have imagined that to be possible, ten or fifteen years ago.

                            Board History: Been reading for probably three or four years, posting once in a blue moon.


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                              location: walla walla / redmond

                              gu connections: college buddy of tommy lloyd - pickup hoops w/lloyd, bankhead, and also e.knight when he was at uw...

                              k2 games: none yet, but been at every battle in seattle and past two games against uw at hec ed...

                              board history: mostly lurking around for about a year...