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    Originally posted by RenoZag View Post
    I am superstitious about betting on them. When I first moved to Nevada, I laid a few bucks on them and cashed a few tickets. Nothing to really get worked up about, and no compelling need to go out of my way to visit the Sports Book either. From time to time, in the intervening years if I happened to be in the right place at the right time, I made a casual wager and as before won a few, lost a few.

    The next to last time I wagered on the Zags was against Wyoming, Round one of the NCAA tourney ( Dickau's senior year ? )

    The very last time I wagered on the Zags was Yew See El Lay .

    So, I don't bet 'em any more. Clearly, I bring them bad karma.
    No change on the wagering.

    Have added a wardrobe item superstition, a game-time "must wear" if I am watching from home: a very ratty hoody (BLUE) with paint stains, tears on the sleeve hems, and embroidered letters that are starting to fall off from too many trips through the laundry.

    And I will never ever again attend a Reno Alumni Chapter "Game Watch." Zags are 0 - 3 when I've done those.
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