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-Greatest "zags" memory you have, that you witnessed IN PERSON-

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    Has to be memories (plural) for me, as that would be, as a student at GU, watching every home game the great Frank Burgess played, plus a couple at Whitworth. What a thrill and honor to see that man in action.

    First date with my GU bride to be (married 50 years this Nov.) was at the Coliseum watching Frank and the Bulldogs. We also traveled to Moscow to see GU play Idaho. Zags got clobbered, BUT, His Honor scored enough points that night to win the national scoring title. Have of course witnessed many, many great GU games and players since on TV, we never miss one. And, I'm always amazed at how many GU sweatshirts, hats, etc. I see over here in Montana, including on all my grandkids. Zags are loved far and wide.


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      Originally posted by TacomaZAG View Post
      Fun Tidbit: John Stockton dropping off my Mom's Avon order on his way to the gym during the summer after his first year with the Utah Jazz (his Mom was my Mom's Avon lady).

      Go ZAGS
      Absolutely priceless!
      Gonzaga - The Greatest Student Section in the Nation!


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        Originally posted by TacomaZAG View Post
        Fun Tidbit: John Stockton dropping off my Mom's Avon order on his way to the gym during the summer after his first year with the Utah Jazz (his Mom was my Mom's Avon lady).
        Go ZAGS
        Agent provocateur


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          wow... were to begin....

          Basketball related:
          Camping out for ESPN College Gameday / GU vs Stanford
          WCC Tournaments (@ GU and in Vegas)
          sitting in the front row of the Kennel Club (many games, but especially for U of I - the first game my freshman year)
          Meech's runner @ last years NCAA 2nd game in Portland

          SEARCH (but really who is this fred dude ), Montserrat & other retreats
          Around the World
          Senior Ball
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            Meech's Runner

            Meech's runner in portland to take the Zags to the Sweet Sixteen 2 years ago was pretty fun to be apart of. I can still hear that place erupt in my mind.


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              Originally posted by LongIslandZagFan View Post
              Josh turning Tyler Hansborough into a whimpering little school girl while the Zags ran the Tar Heels off the floor. It was enhanced by the fact that I was able to get a luxury box at MSG for free.... that night totally rocked.
              I didn't get the luxury box, but was in the middle of a sea of UNC fans with my loud mouth wife as Heytvelt dominated from start to finish. It was an awesome Thanksgiving vacation.

              Second place was Adam Morrison's buzzer beater at the Battle in Seattle.


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                + 1,000

                Originally posted by Bombs over Zaghdad View Post
                Meech's runner in portland to take the Zags to the Sweet Sixteen 2 years ago was pretty fun to be apart of. I can still hear that place erupt in my mind.
                That's mine, too.

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                  Been watching the Boone Avenue lads play since 1957, almost as long as Hondo. Many great memories, but one does stand out for me.

                  It was Stockton's freshman or sophomore year. The Zags are playing Santa Clara in K1. Zags run their boring "patience" offense and get their rear ends handed to them in the first half, down by 15. I'm told coach Hillock throws a hissy fit in the locker room and tells the boys to do what they want in the second 20 minutes. With the shackles off Stockon gets the ball to open the half and drives to the hole, makes it and gets fouled. He makes the free throw and steals the inbounds pass and makes the bucket. Five points and only three seconds off the clock. The memoy is a little fuzzy and he may have been fouled on the second layin as well, making it 6 points. Regardless, the Broncos' eyes are as big as baseballs and they never recover and the Zags win going away.

                  I'm walking out of the game with one of my older brothers and he says "something tells me that many years from now we're going to remember Johnny as something more than the little kid who grew up down the block."
                  They turned out to be the most prophetic words I would ever hear him say.
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                    "From the Campus, there erupted a scream..."

                    My best "lived it" Gonzaga basketball memory was the night that John Rillie shot the Zags into the 1995 NCAA Tournament - the first Gonzaga Tournament ever.

                    To quote GSBA President, Stefan Weitz, "From the Campus, there erupted a scream..." Students rushed from every part of campus into the quad, then to the traffic circle by DeSmet Hall. It was a mid-terms Monday night at near-Midnight, but it seemed like every student on campus dropped whatever they were doing and congregated for a spontaneous bonfire over by the DeSmet traffic circle. Students stormed the library, the AD Building, and study lounges to drag uncooperative bookworms out to join the party that lasted for hours. That amazing, positive energy kept the Gonzaga community on a natural high for days...until Maryland crushed the Zags in a 14-3 seed mismatch a few days later.

                    Yes, there was a time when a WCC Tournament title could erupt into a spontaneous bonfire on the Gonzaga campus.
                    “No team in the country has a better winning percentage against power conference teams since 2017 than Gonzaga... the Zags are playing above average teams in the best leagues in the country and winning 78% of the time.”

                    -Ken Pomeroy-



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                      1) Casey Calvary breaking the backboard in the Spokane Arena vs New Mexico.

                      2) Innaugural game in K2 with Dan Dickau going off.

                      3) Last year RMH game when "Tiny Gallon" broke the backboard.

                      I took my wife to both of the "Broken Backboard" games. The only 2 games she has been to.

                      Zagnut 2012


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                        "The Runner"

                        My boys and I were in Phoenix for Casey's tip in. My God, I thought we'd lost it...and imagine if that tip doesn't go in.

                        That entire week was insanity. Nobody knew who the Zags were, but everyone wanted a piece of us as the team headed into the Elite 8. Everywhere we went people would cheer and shout "Gonzaga! You guys are awesome!" and all sorts of positive, encouraging things. After all the Gonzaga gear had sold out everywhere, I had a guy offer me $100.00 for my worn (and slightly dirty) Gonzaga sweatshirt. The old school gray kind with the baby blue stitched letters.

                        Everyone was on our side except the teams we were playing, and that was only while we were playing them. Got an email from some very nice UConn fans after they won it all saying that we were the Best team they'd faced all year, and we had great fans too.

                        Absolutely the best sports week of my life.

                        Now, everytime I play "The Runner" clip, my two girls (4 and 2) come running to the computer. They have it memorized.

                        "Shot clock turned off.....Calvary.......Hall........8 to shoot........Hall...the runnerrrr......loose ball .....ITS GOOD!!!!.........4.4 to go............Shannon...'Don't want to foul'............Shannon..from the cornerrrrrrrrrr........AND IT'S OVER!!!!!......GONZAGA!!!, THE SLIPPER STILL FITS!!!.....THEY WIN IT 73-72."

                        Holy Cow.


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                          Originally posted by IdahoTJR View Post
                          Stockton's freshman year, a ranked USF comes into Kennedy and gets run out of the gym. The place was packed to the rafters
                          That was my most memorable game as well, except my memory is centered around taking hose hits from the keg in the back of my pickup parked just a few feet outside the east doors of Kennedy Pavilion during half-time and after the game. Many friends joined us, including some of the players. It really helped to keep our enthusiasm up and our hoarse throats sated.

                          Yeah, those were the days when you could get away with that stuff.


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                            Favorite BBall memories

                            2. Morrison's win over OSU -- I'm on ESPN jumping onto the floor when he made it as I was just under the basket.

                            1. Spending an entire game this past season watching with Pendo from my seats, talking about basketball.


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                              Gotta go with...

                              Ammo's bank shot 3-pointer.

                              The Key was rocking that night and the energy spilled out into the streets after the game.



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                                1. Ammo's bank shot at Key Arena