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RIP "El Voce" (Dick Schomburg)

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    I am so deeply saddened by this news.

    I saw his post on Facebook just a few days ago, "cancer is not for wimps" and was concerned but had no idea he was so ill, so close to the end.

    He was the first Zag board member I ever met in person and he was a gentleman and a wonderful representative of what it means to be a Zag.

    God Bless you Dick, your family and friends.

    We are Gonzaga.


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      Rest in peace and may the good lord bless the family and friends of this great Zag......
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        This community without a doubt lost a lot today, but really gained a lot from him as a member.

        El Voce -- In these troubled times, a grateful nation lends its ear to THE VOICE OF REASON!!!
        'I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.'
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          El Voce

          Wow, I had no idea - so sad. El Voce... my husband & I would walk past you many times at the MAC, and we would smile at each other because we were reminded of the fun we had bringing Nathan here. When I met you, we shared our love for the Zags, and watching Nathan take in the experience. I think Dick thought: "I love that you love Gonzaga as much as me" which is beautiful. He sent me a PM with the kindest note thanking me, to which I thought "El Voce is an amazing ZAG"! Rest in peace my friend. D & J


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            I had no idea that he was sick, but I have been wondering why he hadn't posted here for a while.

            Dick and I met when we were freshmen and lived next door to each other in Welch Hall. We last saw each other a couple years ago at a GU game at Santa Clara.

            I am saddened to hear of his passing, and my prayers go out to his wife and family.


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              A Great Zag, RIP


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                Rest In peace, El Voce....

                Our thoughts and prayers are with Dick, his family and his many Gonzaga community friends.


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                  My condolences go out to Dick's (El Voce) family and friends. El Voce was a steady and calming hand on this often turbulant board, especially after losses. I loved his Name here on the board, El Voce. Just seeing his name on a post got me excited because I would usually take an opposite view of Dick's. And it was fun. He had a huge persona. It's moving to read all the posts by people who's lives Dick touched. I will miss the light that he shined on this board. You are missed already, Dick.
                  Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!


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                    Thoughts and Prayers and Many Thanks ...
                    So many brackets, so little time.


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                      Had many hotdogs and chili at their house while attending Gonzaga-Dick and Beth and their son Neil were always great to hang out with. A true Zag. The Voice will be missed.


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                        The Ultimate Gonzaga Ambassadore

                        El Voce - is one of the main reasons I have come to appreciate many of the old Blue and White alumni of GU, and all that he represented. He extended himself outward with such a kind and generous heart that had a direct affect upon me and my enjoyment of the WCC and all its members. Further, our conversations many times were not about GU or basketball but about life and living the right way. Dick Schomburg will always be a friend. I can only hope that the good times shared with all his friends and the memories made outlast the sense of loss and sadness felt at the moment. God Bless and ring the Saint Mary's Bell for El Voce! MJ
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                          The Zealot family has lost a dear friend. The GU games will never be the same. The Little Zealot's games will never be the same. The Mr. and I just finished a reminiscing session about EV - we laughed and cried about so many things. We talked about how he was one of the loyal and true Kennel Clubbers - he was ALWAYS standing and clapping when Zombie Nation started and if we were sitting down in the row in front of him he'd tap us on the shoulder to tell us to get up off our a$$es. Sometimes I'd sit on purpose just to make sure I'd get the "tap, tap" to tease him.

                          In an email to me last week Dick said he believed "one is judged in life by the friends you make" in response to my comment that he has so many wonderful people around him supporting him. I know he was pleased with the outpouring of love and support from friends and the GU community.

                          We will miss you more than you can imagine.
                          The Zealots
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                            I'm at a loss for words. I didn't know him as well as most of you.... But I met him when I met woohoo and his brother. A very nice guy and I always liked bantering with him on the boards. Had no idea of his ties to the university and honestly it didn't matter. In the end all that we can leave is a footprint in someone's heart and in their minds.... And it truly seems like The Voice walked a long road and left many footprints. To The Voice......


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                              Dick and I shared a friendship that started with work, and extended to other walks of life including the Zags. It lasted 27 years. We shared a lot of the same political viewpoints, and enjoyed pointing out the foilbles of those who disagreed with us. He liked to go along with me to walk his dog, Jesse, as I took up the new hobby of geocaching, or as he called it "trinket hunting". We were scheduled to go out on the day he received his diagnosis. It all happened too fast and too suddenly. I'm glad I had a chance to pay him a visit yesterday, along with some other good friends. We didn't know at the time it was goodbye. As others have said, he had a larger than life personality, and my knowing him, made my life better. He will leave a void in the lives of many, including myself. My condolences to Beth, Neil and Michelle and all the Schomburg family.


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                                Sad to say I didn't know the man, other than this board. It's easy to see that he was loved by all who did know him. My heart goes out to his family and friends. RIP El Voce.
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