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  • Nigel in the Players' Tribune

    Not sure if anyone has posted this but I just saw it. Great read and a good look at behind the scenes this year from Nigel's perspective
    “I enjoy coming in and being hated."
    -Matt Bouldin

    Heytvelt on how badly GU needed a win: “Like a kid needs his two front teeth for Christmas.”

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    Originally posted by T-bonedazag View Post
    Not sure if anyone has posted this but I just saw it. Great read and a good look at behind the scenes this year from Nigel's perspective
    Wow just wow, that was a terrific piece. To be continued...............

    Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And the mome raths outgrabe.


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      wow, nice find!

      awesome NWG took time to write this piece.

      knew about his children, yet didn't know Coach Few's dog attends practice as well -- cool.

      The star rating of threads is really annoying imo, yet if there ever was a 5-star post/article, its this one.


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        Thank you for the link. What an awesome article. NWG is a talented and articulate young man. So glad he found his way to Boone Ave. Go Zags!


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          Nigel ........thank you


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            Fitting. Nigel is Jeteresque.....


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              That was very good. Everyone needs to read it.
              Originally posted by Coach Few
              We are not here as a #%$&%&! Courtesy!!!


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                Really nice article by NWG... especially those last four sentences. I sure hope he stays around for another year.


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                  Honestly, one of the best college hoops article I have ever read....even if it wasn't about the Zags. I hope Nigel Williams-Goss keeps writing.
                  Even though I care a lot about my basketball opinions, they are like comparing a bicycle to a championship motorcycle who is our coach. . ZagsGoZags


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                    Simply awesome! Thank you for sharing.

                    Thank you ..... "not this year fellas"


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                      Tremendous young man, and player. Leadership personified.


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                        Wow, awesome piece! If we are to have only one year with Nigel, it is still a blessing. I feel like this guy has been playing here for years already.... Thanks Man!


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                          I loved that ending.

                          This article tells me that our Zags are going to play with passion! I couldn't be more excited for this tournament.
                          "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
                          -Zach Norvell Jr.


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                            Wow is the best word for it. Loved the article.
                            "And Morrison? He did what All-Americans do. He shot daggers in the daylight and stole a win." - Steve Kelley (Seattle Times)

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                              Mark Few does get animated. See?
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