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RIP: Our Board's Founding Father, BobZag, Has Passed Away

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    Originally posted by Salsageek View Post
    RIP BobZag...Thank you for all you have done for the GU basketball family. I will miss his "doomed" post.
    Yeah... I miss those too.
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      dangit stuff like this is hard but the perspective is real. Thoughts and prayers for his friends and family. Always a standup man.


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        For a long time BZ was the driving force here... Thank you BZ for everything you did to shine a bright light on our Zags... God Bless you...RIP...

        Go!! Zags!!!
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          I met Bob on March 1, 2008.

          Thanks to him, I had a ticket to that evening's game vs. St. Mary's, which GU won 88-76, behind the scoring of Bouldin (21), Pargo(18), and Daye (14). Mills and Simpson were the stars for the Gaels. Samhan had six points that night. It was my first on-campus game since 1979 and the weekend included a lunch get together with Section 116, Hondo, El Voce, TheZagPhish, and others. It remains one of my fondest memories as a GU alum and it happened because of Bob.

          Bob was able to do the same favor for others:

          Condolences to his family, friends, and fans. He will be missed.

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            Thanks CDC for the tribute.

            Rest in peace BobZag. Thank you for creating this wonderful community.
            GO ZAGS!!!


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              How sad. My favorite person on this board. I always paid attention to his posts and his avatars. Man had good taste!


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                So very sad to hear this. Thanks CDC for your beautiful and heartfelt tribute. I remember seeing you always at his side when you attended a game. Bob was my special Friend and I will miss him greatly. Blessings to his family especially his mom. RIP Bob. This GU family won’t be the same without you.


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                  Beautiful tribute CDC.
                  R.I.P. BobZag... You will be missed.

                  To be continued...


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                    I had the privilege of meeting up with BobZag at the old Kennel in 2003. He set me up with a ticket and I watched Gonzaga throttle Pepperdine.

                    I'm sorry to hear that he has passed away. I sure hope that the board can find a way to memorialize him by renaming the board after him. That would be fitting for all of the work he did in setting up the old message board and transitioning into the current one.

                    R.I.P. BobZag

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                      I was truly sad to hear the news. Bob was a great guy and a very talented award-winning screenplay writer that was working on some great projects. Not only was he a great Zag fan but I work with him on his internet presence for his career.
                      He was such a courageous man.
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                        I believe BZ was one of the creators of this forum in 1999. It was called "" then before moving here. He will be sorely missed. Please post obit details if possible. Thank you for the notice.
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                          RIP Bob
                          Your legacy lives on!


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                            RIP BZ, you will be missed my friend. Such a welcoming, friendly guy - when I studied at Gonzaga he would often invite me to David's pizza to grab a slice and talk life. It has been a while since our last phone call, but we always called to check in post graduation to see how the family was doing.

                            Thanks BZ for everything, enjoy watching the Zags from above.


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                              Peace to you, Bob.

                              Thanks for everything.

                              Say hi to Fr Tony and El Voce, please.
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                                RIP, Bob!

                                I remember when I first signed up on the previous board and BZ was always very kind and helpful to me as I tried to figure out how everything worked. I'll miss his input on this board.
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