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RIP: Our Board's Founding Father, BobZag, Has Passed Away

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    RIP BZ the Legend! He always knew everything going on with the Zags far before it was common knowledge.


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      Originally posted by ClownRoyalZag View Post
      Rest In Peace Big Brother. Reading these comments are nothing but tear jerkers. Bob said to me after the first couple of games this year that we were doomed. He got to listen on radio to his last GU game - the BYU game. He said we are pretty damned good after all. Again, Rest In Peace Big Brother. You were pretty damn good yourself.
      Ha. That’s great.

      “... we were doomed”. Of course Bob
      said that ... and I can vividly hear him telling you that.

      So good to hear from you. Your big brother was admired, respected and loved. (But you know that). God Bless.
      “To be continued …”. Fr Tony Lehman, SJ
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        It's nice to see some long time posters come out of the woodwork to acknowledge BZ. Anyone with a "Join Date:" before 2008 know he was the heart and soul of this board, and the board before, and before that. I'm awed by his dedication over decades to GU basketball. Every contributor of this board has a little piece of him inside, and has been influenced by his good nature, piercing sarcasm, and generosity.

        I had many interactions with him -- all were electronic in nature, and always made for me a smile and a better day. I knew something was amiss when his posts became fewer and fewer. Melancholic for me -- I never inquired out of respect. Back when I was going nuts with the animated gifs (before it was a "thing"), he was often the first to respond with a laugh and offer encouragement to continue on. I'm glad to have played a very small part in his (and other's) enjoyment.

        I've always thought we should have a long-running, "I appreciate you" thread, where people can acknowledge the efforts and contributions to the forum. On more than one occasion, I've typed it up, and then cancelled it. He was often the first person I thought of in that process. It's too late now to make that post, but BZ, know that I still appreciate everything you did and brought this COMMUNITY together. While the university has kept itself at arms length from the board (and with very good reason), I hope they take the time to honor the Zags' biggest fan and contributor to its fanbase. I firmly believe that much of what happens off the court with the fans, directly or indirectly affects to some degree the direction of what ultimately happens on the court, and in the perspective of CBB nationwide. It really should not be underestimated. BZ has a golden thread that weaves throughout all of that. Even his provocative avatars.

        God speed.



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          Rest in Peace BobZag
          Probably the only Gonzaga fan in Ireland!


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            So sad to hear this. He was a stalwart here for so long and had a great sense of humor. RIP BZ.
            I miss Mike Hart


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              Rest in Peace BZ!

              This board is Doomed.

              Go Zags


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                RobertoZag ... the world is a better place because you were in it.

                I've missed you, missed your contributions. But I don't miss your Spirit because I carry that with me. In my heart.

                Your smile could light up a room (a room as big as the Kennel).

                Rest in Peace my man. Rest in Peace.
                gobroncsgozags: "Have a great day in the podunk, crap hole known as Roslyn."


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                  One quick thought regarding the quality of zags-basketball discussion without our beloved Bobzag.....

                  WE'RE DOOMED.
                  Allow myself to introduce....myself...


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                    I'm very sorry to hear this - RIP.


                    • RIP BobZag - always in the know and the best avatars on the board. God Bless
                      “The true measure of a Jesuit education,” said former Superior General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, “is not what our students do, but who they become.”


                      • Truly heartbreaking news. I still remember the short PM exchange I had with him when I first started hanging out here in 2007. He had only kind and encouraging things to say.

                        My heartfelt condolences to you and your friends CDC. We were lucky to have the likes of BobZag around here and we're lucky to have contributors like you.

                        I fully support naming the board after BobZag.
                        "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
                        -Zach Norvell Jr.


                        • Wow. My brother always pointed him out at the kennel and i enjoyed his doomed posts. Rip.


                          • Very sad to hear this news. I did not know Bob at all, but I've lurked on the board all the way back to the Scout days. BZ always had the inside scoop, and that's what kept me coming back. My best wishes to his family and friends.


                            • RIP BZ. Your insight, humility, and "doomed" posts will be sorely missed.


                              • I'm late to add my thoughts.

                                I first had a conversation with Bob about taking over the old rivals board. We went through several iterations and ended up with Scout. The Scout board was an active community, and it's where we assembled the original group of moderators, some of whom continue to moderate this site. There were some significant problems with Scout, particularly with the amount of content they were demanding (without a football team, there simply was not enough content to fill Scout's ridiculous demands). Bob had developed a handful of excellent sources and we had huge participation for a non-football site. But it wasn't enough for Scout. So, after hard negotiation and threats of litigation, Bob and I were finally able to end the relationship with Scout. We tried some Beta sites (one of which was hacked by the idiot administrator of a site for another WCC school and some of his toady friends) when along came Ken Sands, the digital editor of the Spokesman-Review and this site was born. We carefully orchestrated distribution of information about the opening of this site to almost every poster on the old Scout site and the transfer was accomplished.

                                Along the way I got to know Bob well and we spoke regularly on the phone. He became my friend and my client. We discovered we had something in common in addition to Gonzaga basketball. In the late 70's, when I was working as a lobbyist in the forest products industry, I had helped with the publicity when Bob's grandfather won the national tree farmer of the year award for his excellent forest resources management on his private timber land. Bob came from a family of accomplishment. His brother held the national HS shot put record for many, many years.

                                As some of you know, Bob had suffered a spinal cord injury as a child. His work posting and writing articles on the site was a labor of love for him as he had to painstakingly compose his work product using a stylus held in his teeth. A post that would take 2 minutes for you or I to write would take Bob 5 or 6 times that long.

                                Bob loved putting together groups with Zags who didn't know each other for meet and greets at the old David's Pizza on Hamilton. Hondo and El Voce would hold court at these fests as stories from Zagville were told. Some of them were even true. Bob also loved to attend games in person, but they were very hard on him, particularly when weather conditions were bad. Bob was very generous with his tickets. I think he probably provided dozens of people who had never been to games in the Kennel with tickets for their first visits.

                                Bob was a movie fan, especially Star Wars, westerns, and the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

                                As someone mentioned, Bob was an award winning screenplay writer. He honed his wordsmithing at GU where he majored in English and was, like me, a disciple of professor Franz Schneider.

                                I will miss my friend and our phone conversations, particularly the ones where we agreed that we wanted to St. Mary's to lose to whomever they were playing even if their winning would help GU's RPI.

                                Rest in peace, buddy.
                                You have to love the Gonzaga fan. Not satisfied to be affronted merely by common hosings at the hands of ragtag referees, he plows all avenues of discontent. - John Blanchette

                                Gonzaga University...Home of the Zags...The Bulldogs. If you pronounce it "Gone Zaw Ga," they'll know you're not from here and they may charge you more for your coffee. - Garrison Keillor