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RIP: Our Board's Founding Father, BobZag, Has Passed Away

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  • I just heard from our GIAG Moderator.
    My deepest sympathies to all of you and the GU Family.


    • Nothing more to add. I’ll miss Bobzag...his posts were the ones I looked Forward to the most, and which kept me hooked to the boards. Rest In Peace

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      • I'm rarely on the Board anymore these days (I'm a little shocked my login still worked!), as I use Twitter to stay connected to Zag news for the most part, but my mom still lurks and passed on the news about BobZag. I can just imagine him and El Voce together enjoying the next few games together. Like many people have said, he was the heart and soul of this board and community in the early days. I was always grateful to find people who were just as crazy about my Zags as I was and we have met so many great people through this community. Being down in the Bay Area it was a little harder to get the recruiting gossip, injury updates and general info in those early 2000 days. I am thankful that Slug and I were able to meet him in person on a trip up to Spokane after connecting through Hondo, El Voce and some of the regulars. Those alumni post game socials down at SMC, SCU and USF were pretty entertaining back in the day. Thanks BZ for building and maintaining this great community. To be continued........


        • Sorry to hear about Bob, whenever I saw a thread he started it was required reading. There were times early on when it seemed when half of the threads were BobZag threads.

          He helped to develop a strong Zag community, let us have the Foo (still can't remember what we called it before that), and encouraged me to update the game day least until we had kids taking up our time.

          You will be missed.
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            I reject your reality and substitute my own.


            • I only knew him as a name, but his personality shone brightly through his posts. Whenever I have the urge to visit the board, I type Bobzag in the Chrome search engine. RIP Bobzag.


              • RIP BobZag. My condolences to all who knew and loved him as they celebrate his life and mourn their loss.
                Even though I care a lot about my basketball opinions, they are like comparing a bicycle to a championship motorcycle who is our coach. . ZagsGoZags


                • Wasn't Bob the first to mention that GU was in on Biggs McGee?

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                  • Originally posted by Birddog View Post
                    Wasn't Bob the first to mention that GU was in on Biggs McGee?
                    Good call. Pretty sure that was a BobZag original ....
                    “To be continued …”. Fr Tony Lehman, SJ
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                    • Thanks Bob ...RIP


                      • Enjoy seeing the old timers offer tributes. One name I haven’t seen in ages is Oregonzagnut. He used to run a bracket competition in March. Anyone know if he is still around?


                        • RIP Bob. You were welcomed home but will be missed here on earth.

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                          • I wonder if this thread can be pinned / stickied at the top of the forum?

                            A couple nice reads:
                            Gonzaga Bulletin: Bulldog fan creates

                            Facebook: Robert Shill Screenwriting

                            Robert Shill was born in Spokane, Washington, and raised in Idaho and Washington. His earliest recollections of movies are of his parents waking him up at night to watch the monster movie "Gorgo" and the classic "Moby Dick."

                            Born into a sports family (his father was a high school football coach) that lived on a lake near Spokane, Robert played football, basketball, wrestled and ran track & field. He learned to swim at age 4 and could water ski by age 5, and earned his SCUBA diving license by age 14. But his love for entertaining movies remained constant, going to all genres as a very young boy, from "Cat Ballou" and "The Professionals" to "Thunderball" and "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken."

                            When Robert broke his neck in a diving accident and became paralyzed and wheelchair-bound at 14 1/2 years old, he was forced to abandon his physical athletic pursuits and switch to intellectual endeavors. He soon discovered his hunger for the movies could be translated into a BA Degree in Literature from Gonzaga University, where he'd read everything from classic Greek literature to modern American.

                            Going to every movie he possibly could, Robert slowly began coming up with his own cinematic ideas, and the confidence to write them. He studied scripts by great screenwriters like Lawrence Kasdan and Billy Wilder; he joined screenwriting groups across the country and even became president of the local Romance Writers of America chapter for two years just so he could be around other creative minds.

                            He won the Slamdance Film Festival Screenplay Contest with a screenplay he co-wrote with Christine DeSmet and Peggy Williams. Robert's screenplays have received glowing coverages (reviews) from Universal Pictures. He has had screenplays optioned.

                            He wrote a groundbreaking daily comic strip titled "Mulch" that depicted a handicapped gardener with a brown thumb, and sold it himself to newspapers from Salt Lake City, UT, and Topeka, KS, to Casper, WY, and Biloxi, MS, among others.

                            While Robert's interest in sports remains (he owns season tickets to national power Gonzaga basketball), he has dedicated himself to writing screenplays for feature and short films.

                            Now he is just as enthused about watching "St. Vincent" as he was when he was a little kid watching "Goldfinger," and writing equally entertaining movies in his own unique style

                            Zag Shop (Thrift Shop Parody)

                            Gonzaga sind die besten! Gehe Zags!


                            • one word: LEGEND


                              • I'm so sorry to hear about BobZag. I always enjoyed reading his posts. My deepest condolences to his friends and family.