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How did you get to be a GU fan/student?

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    I became a big Zags fan, naturally enough, as a student at Gonzaga. My freshman year was the last year in the old Kennel, so there was a feeling of history, even though we didn't really have any context for it.

    I decided to come to Gonzaga mostly just because I liked it. I had grand plans about going far away, but in the end sent applications to almost every school in the WCC instead. My top three were Gonzaga (good distance from home, heard lots of great things from older friends who went there, including this guy I liked at the time), Seattle U (they offered a lot of money, though I didn't care for the campus or the fact that 20+ of my classmates were committing to going there), and USD (pretty campus, great experience on my campus visit, and close-ish to my extended family).
    I wanted to knock SU off my list, but my parents made me keep it, just because the money was so appealing.

    Eventually it came down to cost and location. People wonder how location led me to choose Spokane over San Diego (my mom wonders this all the time, actually). But I felt at home and comfortable on Gonzaga's campus. USD's just isn't set up as well.
    And I knew I would never make the trek down the hill to the Slim Gym to work out if I went to school there! And what's the joy of living in San Diego if you gain the freshman 15 and can't wear shorts anymore?
    I also had a great experience GEL weekend, which probably made a big difference. There were lots of free-food opportunities and everyone was super nice.
    That weekend I got written up in Madonna for breaking intervis, which I didn't even know existed yet. The other GEL kid who was written up with us ended up being one of my closest friends for the next four years. So it was a good story and an auspicious start to my college career.

    And if anyone was curious, that guy I liked at Gonzaga ended up transferring away before I came my freshman year. Ha.


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      How I Got to GU

      GU had a great debate program. Although I never actually joined the program, they were interesting enough to get me to enroll. A long time ago!
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        If not for GU, I would not exist

        I owe my whole existence to GU. My parents both attended Gonzaga in the late 60s and graduated in the early 70s. However they almost never met, and obviously if that had not happend, the world would not be graced with my existence. My father grew up in a devout Irish Catholic family in Tacoma. After graduating from Bellarmine Prep he, like many young men back then, decided to go to the Jesuit Seminary to become a priest. He went there for a year before deciding it was not for him. Then he went to GU, played on the freshman hoop team, and met his future wife. My Mom, from Hawaii, and my Dad from Tacoma ended up getting married at St. Al's on campus. I came along shortly afterward in 1980, just after my family had moved back to Tacoma. I grew up in T-Town, but was still a GU fan. With Stockton posters on my walls I dreamed of playing for the zags, but the closest i ever got was a few John Stockton School of Basketball camps on campus. I loved those camps and when i applied to schools I was accepted to GU immediately. So off to GU where i already had a few friends attending and multiple family members as alumni. Some still in the spokane area so i could have a solid support system. It was an easy choice for me.
        GO ZAGS


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          Zagco has strong regional ties. He is from Wallace, and most of his family lives between Mullan and Medical Lake. He was familiar with Gonzaga from the time he was a little kid, and Spokane was always considered the "big city." When he decided to go to law school, he wanted to remain in the northwest Rocky Mountain area. The strong ties he had with Gonzaga and Spokane made it basically the only choice.


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            I just kind of tripped onto this thread...I am a little late on the pickup!

            I came to GU via California and a couple family friends. My story is not very exciting, but I can tell you if it weren't for Frank Burgess, I might not have attended. A very good family friend went to GU and he loved it so much he kind of convinced me to become a Zag...and boy, I am glad he did. HIS story is quite the story. To paraphrase, he wasn't going to apply to college at all but his high school guidance counselor asked him to apply to at least one college. So that weekend he looked in the local sports page and thought to himself, humm I wonder who the leading scorer in the nation is in hoops. Low and behold it was Frank Burgess from a little school named Gonzaga. Monday morning he told his counselor he was going to apply there.

            This story has been told to Frank and they have become buddies since. If it weren't for Frank Burgess, I might not have attended Gonzaga. I graduated in 2005 and have been trying to recruit new students from CA ever since!

            Great thread by the way, fun to read all the stories.

            I became a basketball fan via being a student and wanting to be in the kennel club for $25 bucks for a tee shirt and all the beer you can drink.


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              Alum = fan

              It was a democratic vote. While at Fairchild Air Force Base I applied for law school at Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Gonzaga. All four institutions were unanimous: Gonzaga was perfect for me! And they were correct!!

              From there, you know the rest: to know the Zags is to love 'em.
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                “No team in the country has a better winning percentage against power conference teams since 2017 than Gonzaga... the Zags are playing above average teams in the best leagues in the country and winning 78% of the time.”

                -Ken Pomeroy-



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                  Initially was looking to attend a smaller private school, preferably on the west coast with a Div I baseball program and a Civil Engineering program.

                  I never took a college visit. Came down to Santa Clara (have family in Monterey area), Colorado State, and Gonzaga.
                  So many brackets, so little time.